ROW80 6-19 Check-in

Since last Thursday, I started setting up an author platform–a Twitter account, a Facebook account. Phew! It is starting to feel real. My list of goals for Round 3 is ready; I’ve spent at least an hour a day outlining/plotting/writing pieces of what started as two short stories and is starting to turn into one novella. I fall on both sides of the plotter/pantser divide in a weird amalgam that works for me.

8 thoughts on “ROW80 6-19 Check-in”

  1. ahead of me for round 3 – depends on how much I have finished when it starts – glad you’re going to be around for next round – all the best

  2. Hi Nancy! Glad you’ll be joining us for round 3; you’re off to a good start! I have the habit of starting goals on random Wednesdays and making resolutions on December 27th. No need in waiting!

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