ROW80 Check-in 7-13-11

Actually, the last two days have not been too bad. I’m still working on getting up early, but the two hours per day writing are happening anyway. They just happen in the midst of chaos, TVs in the background, while eating lunch; many of you know that drill!

After having to reject a few ideas for the new essays, on Monday I found a call for book proposals, which are due July 22. If I get accepted, it won’t be a long book, or a particularly interesting one, but that’s okay! Fingers crossed on that one.

Most exciting was a light bulb going on about some fun writing. I was talking about some people I knew in graduate school who turned their academic knowledge into fiction writing when the professorial job market tanked. Hmm, voilá, I say to myself. Even though I have to keep that thought on the back burner right now, it is sizzling along nicely on the rural pathways of my brain.

So definitely, a good couple of days.

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    1. Thanks, Em! I’m hoping to keep the writing happening enough to make it a habit. My family is getting used to me scrunched in the armchair scribbling furiously on a pad of paper, as I ignore the TV and them! I prefer to get up early so as not to have the distractions, but that means going to bed around 9pm. I’m just not ready to make that commitment yet, 😀

  1. Backburners ideas are wonderful things.

    I’d probably get more writing done too if I went to bed earlier and got up early. I’m just not a morning person either.

    1. I love my file of ideas! I’m a bit of a dragonfly, flitting from idea to idea. The worst time for me is when I have to decide which to pursue!

      As for being a morning lark, I am definitely a night owl, but so are my DH and DS, so it’s a lot more peaceful in the morning. Being able to time the coffee to brew right before I get up helps! 🙂

  2. Just joined the ROW80 challenge today and set myself with a 2 hour a day commitment too. If others can do it so can I, right? 🙂

    Keep it up and good luck on the book proposal!

    1. Thanks, Brian, and welcome to this Round! I love ROW80!!

      Most folks go by word count, but I am such a child about them, I can’t do it that way. I end up staring at it as I type, wishing I were closer, which is very detrimental to writing! I saw a great acronym, which I wish I could attribute to the author, which is bitch ok. It expands to butt in the chair hands on keyboard. Oh, as clarification, unless I can get up at 5am for the two hours writing before my day job, it is rare that I get two hours straight. They are spread out over lunch hour, commute, while DH and DS play Halo, anywhere and everywhere!

  3. 2 hours of writing per day- that’s awesome. It’s good that you can fit it in when you can.

    Ah, the getting up early goal. That’s one I’ve tried off and on. I don’t have a problem getting up, it’s the staying up that derails me. lol

    Best of luck this round!

    1. Thanks for the kind comment. I”m counting outlining, researching , and other writerly duties, so it’s not all wriitng; plus there are the things I end up tossing out. But I do feel on a roll! 😀

  4. Getting up early has not been an option for me this week; hoping to make it happen next week 🙂 Sounds like you’re doing great!

  5. Sounds like you’re doing great. I try getting up early a lot, too, but it doesn’t work five days out five…

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