ROW 80 check-in 7/27/11

Well, a mixed week for me—but then again, when do I not have a mixed week? I got an outline done for a new article on Thursday, and fleshed it out on Friday and Saturday. Yee-haw, because this is one I’m really dreading, so I’m very proud of myself that I am eating that frog just right up! I also posted on my Lapidary Prose blog on Friday.

I’ve had several tracks of my brain playing—what the heck bandwidth do I have, anyway? An old character, well, not old, actually rather young and good-looking, came knocking on my brain over the weekend, claiming (and he’s right) that I gave him very short shrift in the short story I wrote. Hmm, can you wait until Round 4, honey? So, I’ve been conversing with him, often in the middle of the night, which is kinda bad, because hey, I’ve given up sleep already for the duration. But he is a delight, so I am happily killing my stomach cells with way too much caffeine in the morning to get through the day job. I’m also catching up on the literature review for the articles that I need to revise. And Sunday and Monday, I took up the gauntlet thrown down by Robin McCormack and visited each and every one of the participants who posted. It was so wonderful to read about all of your lovely WIPs.

Yesterday, I had four more ideas hit the brain (wait, wait, Round 5? 10?) so I spent some time writing everything down so that I wouldn’t lose the good bits.

Today, I have to devote every minute to the day job, from 5am to about 5:30pm, on 3 hours sleep (yes, the very nice young character came to visit me last night). I am shocked that I can even write this check-in, and if it doesn’t make sense, I have a darn good excuse. I have to do the exact same thing on Friday, so dear nice character, could you talk to yourself Thursday night, please?

You can check on everyone’s progress here; have a look at some of the wonderful things participants are doing!

12 thoughts on “ROW 80 check-in 7/27/11”

  1. Wow, so much happening in your brain right now. I thought I was having a hard time, trying to corral all my characters and plot bunnies into one easy-to-manage spot. I hope that your muse continues to generate wonderful ideas for you, but in a way that allows you to get some sleep!

    1. Well, Jamila, who said that I’ve gotten them all corralled? It’s getting dangerous to cross the street in my brain, there’s so many ideas and characters wandering about!

      Thank you for the kind wishes; I’m hoping channeling and automatic writing are in my future.

  2. One of the characters I’m writing right now has a sleep disorder. I like to write scenes with her after particularly rough nights. Then, when I edit them later, I have a good laugh. A lot of it probably get’s thrown out for gibberish, but there are some spot on phrases in there that only a sleep-deprived mind could have come up with. Or perhaps one that has imbibed a bit too much. It’s sort of like method acting… method writing?

    Still, I wouldn’t advise it. Especially if you happen to be writing a horror novel about serial killers. Just trust me on that one.

    Keep ROWin and go get some sleep! 🙂

    1. Matt, I can only imagine! Well, actually, I can. I have written some things with, oh, an hour or two of sleep in 24, and they are hilariously bad. My lizard brain just loves hackneyed expressions, and sprinkles them liberally about in anything I write when not at my best.

      I also make these great leaps when tired–hey, can’t everyone get across the ford of my 50-foot wide stream of consciousness on two or three stones? Keep up, people!

      Method writing? Great concept, except for, as you say, the whole horror novel, serial killer thing. It has helped me write a great Irish drunk, though, I have to say.

      Thanks for the encouragement, and have a lovely weekend!

  3. Wow….brilliant to hear the ideas are coming thick and fast and you are writing them down for a later date.

    Have a great weekend and hope your young man lets you get some sleep!

    1. Thank you, Em! I try to get these ideas down on paper, so when the inevitable “what the heck shall I write?” comes along, I have something to fall back on.

      I hope you have a lovely weekend, too; I may send my young man to visit his love interest.

  4. It’s amazing you can get any writing done at all with that schedule, Nancy! Sending good sleep and writing vibes your way. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Ruth. As for the schedule, I just try not to think about it, and to pretend that everyone lives this way!

      Have a great weekend! 🙂

  5. I hope at least the next time the nice young character comes visiting, he brings chocolates or ice cream or something! I am in awe of your balancing abilities, too; keep it up!

    1. Oh, chocolates would be nice, wouldn’t they? And thank you for the compliment about the balancing act. I think it helps that I was brought up in the old Southern tradition that idle hands are the devil’s workshop. No idle hands here; I’m a good girl, I am!

      Have a lovely weekend!

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