ROW80 Check-in August 3

It seemed like a good idea to look back at my goals. After doing so, I can see I may well need to adjust them, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not so good. As a refresher, here they are:

1. Work an hour a week setting up the “author platform” of Twitter, Facebook, new blog, Goodreads.
2. Post at least 250 words at least once a week (not including ROW 80 check-in posts).
3. Spend at least two hours a day on writing, research, outlining; no external distractions.
4. Plan/outline 2 new essays.
5. Revise 4 essays already written.

My progress?
1. I have begun to create an author platform, but some parts of it are pretty barren. I’m going to increase the time I spend on that per week to two hours.

2. I have accomplished this goal every week, and have done more than one post on one week. ☺

3. I do work at writing or related tasks roughly two hours a day; I find the snail’s pace irritating as heck, especially when I compare myself to folks writing NaNoWriMo words counts. I know, don’t compare; but I’m an academic and have spent my life getting grades.

4. I have finished one new article draft. I have turned in a book proposal.

5. I hope that at least two of the revised articles will happen during this round, but I’m pretty sure not all four will be journal ready. I am going to revise that goal to two revisions.

I’m going to add a goal of one book review a week on my blog. I owe several people reviews; also, I bought several past and present ROW80 compatriots’ books and short stories. The reading and writing of reviews helps the process.

I am going to add a tiny exercise goal of fifteen minute a day walk with my dogs, and hope to add time to it. My dogs are a Standard Poodle and a Weimaraner, 50 and 100 pounds respectively, so walking them is truly exercise. I’ve been lazy lately and taken them to the dog park, so it’s time I got back into walking them. I’m on the edge of the pool about joining the Life List folks. I need to start thinking about goals for the next year, which is hard for someone who is grateful to get through a day without incident.

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  1. Great job! I love that ROW80 is so flexible too. I think I might need to revise my goals as well.

  2. I often feel like I’m writing at a snail’s pace as well. It’s one of the reasons I’ve never ever even attempted NaNo. It’s just not how I work. Even were I able to be a full-time author, I’d probably still be on the slow side (though I would endeavor to commit more time). Always remember the crucial life lesson imparted upon us by the majestic Tortoise (in his epic race with the Hare, of course): Slow and steady wins the race.

    Also, good to see the physical goal to compliment the mental one. Those things often tend to feed into one another. Sometimes I’ve found that if I’m stuck on a scene, going and working out jump starts the subconscious and gets the problem solved by the time I’m back at the keyboard. A walk could be just what the doctor order to get those words a’flowin’.

    Good job at being flexible, realistic, and honest with your goals. Keep ROWin!

    1. Matt, thank you for reminding me of the majestic Tortoise. I do try to remember that I’ve accomplished more this past month than I would have without ROW80, but the motto of slow and steady wins the race will join my handful of favorite mottos!

      I tend to forget that I’m a physical being, and that stasis is not a normal thing. Thanks for sharing about how physical activity helps you–that will help me get up from the chair.

      I hope you have a great rest of the week, and thank you for stopping by.

  3. It is great to see you are working exercise into your goals like you mentioned you might and I hope it goes well for you.

    I am also thinking about writing some book reviews as my non-ROW 80 check-in post so will be interested to read some of yours! Have a great rest of your week!

    1. Thanks, Em. It helps me and my dogs, so it’s a win-win!

      I’d be very interested in your book reviews, too! Thank you for dropping by to give me encouragement–have a great rest of the week!

  4. It’s such a relief to tweak goals so that you actually can make them rather than get stuck in a vicious cycle of never making them. I used to do that and stayed stagnant because of it. It feels good to make progress and make goals that are doable 🙂 Keep up with the great work!


    1. The flexibility of ROW80 is part of what I love about it, Marie. I did the same thing–if I didn’t make a goal or a personal deadline, I’d feel hopeless, and would often just quit.

      Even with backing off on the goals, I feel good that I’m making more progress than I would if I hadn’t signed up for ROW80.

      Thank you for stopping by, and have a wonderful rest of the week!

  5. Hi Nancy,

    Well, it looks like you’ve got things pretty much in hand. It an absolute necessity to be realistic and revise goals for whatever reasons, especially when it comes to spoiling pets. ;D

    Hang in there.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Milli, and for the encouragement. Fooling myself goes against the whole accountability thing–and no point fooling y’all! And yes, I have to spoil the pets!

      Have a great weekend!

  6. Sounds like you’re doing excellently and I’m sure both your dogs and yourself will appreciate the walk. Best of luck with your new goals.

    1. Thanks, Katy. At first I felt like I was failing, to have to adjust the goals, but then I realized that they were set a little high, or they wouldn’t be goals! D’oh!

      The walking does help, too. Thank you for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

  7. Nothing wrong with baby steps! I’ve been keeping my goals low because I started to get overwhelmed when I had larger goals. I’ll work back up to the bigger goals but, for now, I’m taking it slower. And there are a lot of days when I dust that small goal anyway. You’re doing great! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Sonia, I needed to hear that someone else does better with smaller goals. There are some folks here who do more in a day than I do in a week, and it’s hard for me not to compare myself with them.

      It does feel good to nail those small goals, I must say. Thanks for the encouragement, and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  8. Wow, I find that very ambitious, given the way you’re working at multiple goals at the same time! Remember, people who are working at “nano” rates usually only have word count as a goal.

    And having been in academia for many years, I can attest that the development of the editor brain encouraged there is very inimical to high word counts. I like to console myself with the idea that I have less rewriting to do as result. And, hey, even if it’s not true, it makes me feel better! *g*

    1. I have to have a few things going at once, or i get bored (sad but true!). Your point about Nano is a good one though.

      Ha, another academic editor brain! Rewriting–what is that? I do that after each and every sentence–I’m sure you know that dance! I do feel that I do less rewriting after a first draft than some others–whether it works out to more or less given the agonizing minutes I spend writing, who knows?

      Thanks for coming by to comment. I hope your weekend is lovely.

  9. Yay exercise, with your dogs! That’s wonderful!

    And it looks like you’re hitting almost all of your ambitious goals – book proposal, article draft, revisions, blogging – take pride in all that you’ve accomplished! Such a long list! =D

    I agree with the other commenters that the crucial thing is to stay realistic in your goals, but feel free to revise them if you feel the need to! Perhaps having slightly different goals concerning the way you allocate your writing time – one week focusing on the article revisions, another week focusing on writing a lot of material for your book and even ‘word counts’ when you’re waiting for feedback on the articles – I’m not really sure how your schedule will look, but the most important thing is that you are happy with how you are reaching your goals!

    Have a great and equally productive rest of the week =) =)

    1. Thanks for the hints about how to change things up, Marcela–there are different ways to approach the various goals, and you’ve given me some good ideas.

      And thank you for the encouragement. I try to lock my perfectionist evil twin in the closet, but she doesn’t always stay there!

      I hope you have a wonderful productive weekend 🙂

  10. Baby steps. It may not seem like a lot, but you are making progress. Great idea adding in walking with the dogs. Looking forward to reading your reviews. I have read some of our fellow rowers works and need to do some reviews. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, Robin. I realized I love to read book reviews, so I should write some. D’oh! And my dogs love the walking–they even have started to calm down and walk nicely after the first few minutes!

      I will keep repeating “baby steps” to myself. It’s a good mantra!

      Have a lovely weekend–thank you for coming by!

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