ROW80 Check-in August 17, 2011

Well, it’s easy to give my progress from Sunday through Wednesday, sadly. I didn’t do a thing. I have spent the last three days in freshman orientation, move-in, and ten-hour round trip drive to and from Boca Raton. To be honest, though, it was more grueling emotionally than physically. I won’t even blame the spotty internet, because I don’t think I would have been able to do anything in any case.
I need to double up on my sponsor duties, having let everyone down in the past few days. All I can say is I will do better.

Please check on and encourage all the participants here.

14 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in August 17, 2011”

  1. I hope it all went well, sometimes some things are more important than writing (am I allowed to say that?!).

    I hope you get back into the swing of things and have a good rest of your week.

    1. Thanks, Em; well, I figure that falling off the wagon when I have a big change like this is better than the old days, when I used to say well, the kids are cranky, or I’m tired. And yeah, I’m not sure, but I think you’re allowed to say that! LOL Thanks for coming by and commenting!

  2. Well, at least you were off for better reasons that being sick or something. I want to get some books on tape for long drives and such, I think it’d be a good use of time.

    I’m off the wagon today, after a disturbing animal encounter last night with a skunk and a palmetto bug and my 2.5 yr not going to bed until 2AM! I’m lost today.

    1. Oh, I feel you! We called our eldest son “the child who would not sleep.” He didn’t sleep through the night, literally, until his younger brother was about 6 months old, and he himself was 23 months old. I heard about the animals and bug on twitter! I hope you have a more pleasant–weird-fauna-and -bugless rest of the week.

      Oh, I love having books to listen to in the car. It’s the only way to do anything over a couple of hours, I think. Thanks for coming by and for the kind words!

  3. I always fall off the wagon, just climb back on. Sounds like you had a good excuse, hopefully things will be more settled now. Best of luck for the weekend

    1. Thanks for coming by and being so encouraging, Katy. Yeah, it will be more settled–at times, I’d get up at 5 to find DS2 up and watching TV or playing XBox, not ready for bed yet! Now I know that I’ll be alone in the morning to write–DH is a night owl, but not a vampire! I plan to climb back on the wagon in the morning. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. Aw. Don’t give yourself a hard time. You had a perfectly good reason. Once things get settled, you’ll be back to cheerleading and writing in no time. The beauty of row80 – fits into real life.

    1. Thanks, Robin; I needed to hear that. Things are settling; little things make me sad, like when we picked up the dogs from the kennel today, they ran into his room to find him. It was so sad! But, it will be nice not to find a zombified teenager playing Halo in the living room when I get up to write! Thank you for coming by and being so encouraging. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. And you were over …joshing me about saying “That’s all I did….”
    It sounds to me like you’ve had a full plate! Life seems to heap it on us at times, right? Next week – or the weekend – will be better in the writing department.
    Thanks for the encouragement this week…really. I explained over at Matt’s blog page…I’m feeling so dull after reading and rereading my own story. Making decisions on comma placement, dialogue ‘tweaking’, and ensuring that my explanations for certain events is conveyed precisely and consisely….it’s difficult. I’ve read until at times I walk away and mutter to my husband….”I just don’t know anymore…..” Ha! That’s a rare event in my house. He’s probably relishing it! I never ‘don’t know’… But I’m over halfway now!!!! Woo-hoo!

    Take care, Nancy! ~ Nadja

    1. Good job sticking with the editing, Nadja. I remember the dullness when I had to edit my master’s thesis nine times (ACK!) I ended up so sick of my topic I thought I’d never want to study it again. I am either blessed (or cursed) with the inability to write without editing as I go, so editing is not quite as painful, or better put, spread out over a longer period of time. Best of luck with the rest of it! Thank you for coming by to encourage me!

  6. We all have those days where: 1. we pronounce a plague of illiteracy on ourselves, and reject all we have ever done – or – 2. we turn around and some mischievous imp has flipped the calendar page over on us, causing widespread panic as the authorities round up the usual suspects in order to ferret out the Thief of Time.

    Sounds like you had a #2, Nancy, while Nadja ordered a #1. Fortunately, all stories must come to an end (even the Never Ending Story!), giving us a chance to start anew.

    1. Thanks for coming by and leaving such wise words. That darn Thief of Time! But you are quite right, one has to just dust oneself off and start anew! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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