ROW80 Check-in 8/21

Perhaps it is not surprising that the past few days have been rather introspective, given the empty nest syndrome combined with my Weimaraner starting painful and dangerous heartworm treatment. On the latter, let me just do a quick infomercial for heartworm prevention. Missing even one dose of the preventative medication exposes your pet to heartworms, especially in some sections of the US. And a special word to those cat lovers out there. There is no safe heartworm treatment for cats.

Okay, on to goals. Among the various tasks of sponsoring, blogging, commenting, and thinking very, very hard, I did spend my two hours a day on writing tasks. I did walk my dog; yes, singular, since only Brigid can do the full fifteen minutes. Riley is off exercise until about six weeks from now.

On the rest of the goals, I did not turn in an impressive performance. I did post on the 42-line Bible, which is 555 years old this week, as my Literary Post of the Week. I was asked by a couple of fellow ROW80’s (thank you, Jamila and Crystal) to write on the history of profanity, about which I actually know a lot, and did some further research on that. But I am slipping into the Slough of Despond (I love the geographical names in Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress). I am feeling that I jumped into the deep end of the pool and am flailing away in the dark. I think I need to back off and plan a lot more than I have done so far. I thought I had followed the excellent advice given me (thank you, Gene and Marie), but I need to contemplate, write, and test the blog posts a bit longer. I started to write some book reviews, and got a very bad case of nerves, but I think I will concentrate on those and the aforementioned history of profanity. After that, I will try to come up with revised goals.

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  1. You sound very busy in your writing life so taking a step back and focusing on specific things sounds like a great idea. I too have thought about including book reviews on my blog but I too had a case of nerves worrying I wouldn’t do them justice! Something to think about in the future!

    I hope you have a good week and you feel less flaily! (Is that even a word? Apologies if it isn’t!)

    1. Flaiiy works for me. No apologies necessary–language evolves and all that! It has helped to step back to think for a bit. Thank you for stopping by, Em. The encouragement is very appreciated!

  2. I love sayings (if you hadn’t noticed *grins*), here is one for you, Nancy. Fear is sand in the machinery of life. Nothing we do is ever going to be perfect so concentrate on doing your best, be at peace with that and don’t worry about the rest. Our fears tend to be greater than the realities.

    It sounds like you are doing well and accomplishing a great deal. Be happy with that 🙂

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for the saying, Gene. I had noticed *grin*, so I’ll share what I have on the wall of my veal-fattening pen at work. “When you are going through hell, keep going.”–Winston Churchill. Yours is a lot more cheerful–I’ll post it by Winston as a balancing thought. I will keep looking at the half-full glass; thank you for reminding me. Have a great week, and I very much appreciate your stopping by to encourage me!

  3. I post book reviews on my blog. At first I tried to make them sound like “real” book reviews all professional and stuff and following the general book review format. Then I decided that if I was reading a book review on someone’s blog I would want their real opinion rather than a professional summary. I think its nice to know what someone really thought of a book and maybe offer us something that the back cover doesn’t tell you.

    P.S. Where the link to this History of Profanity post? I would like to read.

    1. Great point, Nicole. I want to know what someone thinks, not the whole academic bit–I get enough of that in my work life! Oh, the post isn’t up yet. I’m doing some more research; it actually may be more than one post, as the history of profanity is as long as the history of speech. I will let you know, though, when it/they get posted! Thank you for stopping by, and very much for the advice and interest!

  4. I find doing reviews helps me think more critically about fiction and it’s serving as a reminder for those books I want to choose sections of to look more into how other writers do things. That may be another goal I’m going to have to schedule in. Argh.

    Sorry to hear about your dog, hope s/he’s better soon. Congrats on making your goals.

  5. Poor puppy….thank you for the reminder. I was supposed to give our dog her heart worm medicine 5 days ago. Task complete.

    Two hours a day on writerly tasks is great – best of luck with your writing this week. I’m off to read your GWTW post now. 🙂

  6. hope dog gets better soon – i too want to read this history of profanity – looking foward to it – seems like you’re ok just the cold feet but you listen to the great actors and singers they all get attack of nerves/cold feet and they shine – go shine girl

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Alberta. It really does help. I will have to get cracking on the history of profanity post, won’t I? 😉 I hope you have a wonderful week!

  7. Sending good thoughts to Riley! It sounds like you’re doing quite well on your goals, actually, especially considering all that you have going on. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and for the good wishes for Riley. Luckily, he is a pretty sedentary dog, so he doesn’t mind hanging out for a few weeks. I’m glad to see you back, and I hope your week goes very well!

  8. Good luck on finding the right hiking path out of the Slough of Despond, Nancy! Remember, contemplating where to go and what to do is also part of writing and can save you precious time and misspent words later. I too am one of those writers who needs to plan her projects out in advance and can’t just jump in and start writing. It can be a little frustrating, since the planning is hard to quantify, not like words produced. Maybe start thinking in terms of hours spent brainstorming and researching?

    Hope this week gets a lot better for you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by to be so encouraging, Ruth. I will start to quantify the time spent in planning and researching. I have to keep reminding myself not to compare–it’s hard for the fourth kid of four who always wanted to measure up to her siblings! I hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you again for commenting

  9. Nancy, I hope your dog gets better soon, and I understand this feeling of flailing. I am half plotter and half pantser, and I outlined the first half of this story that I’m working on. I’ve learned that only outlining the first half is NOT productive, since I made it to the mid-point and stared out into the abyss of nothingness. I ran back to the drawing board, but I really do see the pros of planning. Jody Hedlund posted a great article about her method of outlining as she writes, which is similar to what I have been trying to do, but what she does is much more systematic than my sporadic brainstorming:

    Hoping that this week goes a bit easier for you!

    1. Thanks for the link to Jody’s blog, Jamila. I’m a half and half plotter/pantser and it is not working, so I’m going to go read her post. You are doing so well on the blogging–I feel as though that has been a huge failure on my part, so back to the drawing board for that. Thanks for the good thoughts on Riley–he’s doing pretty well on the treatment, thank goodness. I appreciate your stopping by and commenting. I hope the second half of your story goes swimmingly, and that you have a great rest of the week.

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