ROW80 Check-in October 12, 2011

So my goals since Sunday:

The dissertation—it revived like a Frankenstein’s monster, only much prettier.  Who would have thought that I would fall in love with it again through the footnotes and commentary??

The exercise—I’m keeping up when it is not raining.  I’m scared of what the winter, our rainy season, will bring, if this keeps up.  The mosquitoes are getting big enough to carry off my Standard Poodle, although luckily, my Weimaraner is too heavy.

The book reviews, and the blog in general, sigh.  I do have a week without a computer coming up, when I go out of town to deal to visit both my family and my husband’s.  On the most part, I’m looking forward to it, but I’m hoping to take along some of the things I need to work on.  I have the Kindle app on my phone, so I should be able to write out some reviews longhand.

Except for a promised blog post or two, I may have to put the blog on hiatus for a bit.  I have all these lovely ideas, but the time evaporates.  What the heck?

The conference paper—why is it that when a colleague says, really with the kindest intentions, “You need to get that and several more out to a journal soon if you want to have a good tenure packet,” it makes me hate the paper?  It brings the whole double life to the fore; yes, I know I need the day job, and will need it until I retire, but dang!  I have all these ideas that I want to write—some of them academic, but not all.

I do enjoy the subject, and I am enough of a frustrated actress that I had a blast presenting it, but this little niggling voice (don’t you love the internal editor?) says, “How many people came to that paper?  How many people want to read about medieval preachers’ books of topics and sayings?”

And that internal editor is in part why I went looking for a ROWbuddy, and found that Lena Corazon was also looking for one.  So yippee, I have a ROWsista!

So, the next two days I will make sure I have everything I need for my excursion to the frozen north—fountain pens, check; composition books, check; WordPress, Kindle, and Twitter apps on my phone, check.

I hope everyone has a lovely rest of the week.  I’ll be checking in, and leaving “likes,” if not comments, on all the blogs I can.  Check out everyone’s progress here.

13 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in October 12, 2011”

  1. “like a Frankenstein’s monster, only much prettier” Loved the line lol
    It seems everything is going well for you.
    Have a nice trip up to the “frozen north” lol
    And congrats on finding a ROWsista =)

    1. Thanks, Juliana, for coming by. I’m glad you like the line. 🙂 Things are going pretty well; I’m hoping I don’t slow down when outside my natural environment. Oh and thanks for the congrats–Lena and I seem to have a lot in common, so I think we will spot weaknesses and strengths for each other quite well.

    1. Oh my, Matt! I read this at work on my phone, and burst out laughing in the middle of the Research Room. I’ve got to stop doing that! All I can say is I hope the fetish lasts through the next 5 or 6 hundred footnotes. Thanks for the good wishes, and I hope you have a great weekend. Azure draperies, indeed! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth –

    The dissertation—it revived like a Frankenstein’s monster, only much prettier. Who would have thought that I would fall in love with it again through the footnotes and commentary??

    The above paragraph is exactly why I love your blog….just lovely.

    Have a great getaway…and congrats on finding a ROW80 sister!

    1. Aw, shucks, Nadja. Coming from someone who writes as well as you do, that is quite a compliment! Thank you so much. 🙂

      I’m looking forward to the time away, although at the moment, I’m starting to look at everything I need to do with panic in my heart. It will be all right, though–I rarely forget anything irreplaceable, lol. And thank you for the congrats on the ROWsista. 🙂 Lena and I share enough of the academic training and the like that I think we can help each other.

      Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I am glad some aspects of your goals are going so well but I know what you mean about the time issue. I felt terrible about how little I managed to comment on people’s check-ins on sunday but at times it comes down to commenting or actually doing some of my own writing stuff and I am trying to prioritise meeting my goals.

    I hope the rest of your week goes well!

  4. I am impressed. You have it so well organized and thought out in how you may stay productive while you have no computer! Wow. I am taking notes. I like to think I plan ahead, then at the last moment think about grabbing the laptop and the iPad. And I love the Frankenstein comparison. Enjoy your trip!


  5. You know, I found it frustrating back when I was writing my thesis in the Spring. There was no time for creative work, only academic. I could feel a part of me dying to get various story ideas out. The best I could do is take notes on them to have for later when the academic got out of the way!

    Glad you are at least enjoying the work again, even if there is renewed pressure if you ever want a job in the field. That part can be a bit daunting. I wish you the best of luck and hope it all comes out the way you want it to. Hang in there 🙂

  6. It looks like you’re making great progress. Enjoy your time away. That’s cool that you found a ROWsista. Have fun with the journey. ~clink~

  7. Life can get in the way of writing. I know this first hand! But all the words add up eventually if you keep at it. I hope you have a pleasant trip and good luck with your ROW80 goals.

  8. Ah, yes, the academic life. It was fun while it lasted, but I don’t miss it too terribly much. And I always choose fiction projects that need *tons* of research, so I still have plenty of excuses to read books with footnotes. *g*

    Ditto on the blogs. I’m wrestling with that too. We need the presence in this brave new world of publishing (Chinese curse: may you live in interesting times …) but, yeah, it certainly takes a chunk out of the writing time. 😦

    Have a great visit with family and a lovely weekend!

  9. Love the Frankenstein reference. Glad it’s going well. Hard to keep up with blogging especially with school stuff. My blogging was sporadic when ever class stuff took forefront. Don’t worry about it too much. Just keep plugging away and we’ll be here.

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