ROW 80 check-in Some Life Goals

A very quick check-in while I have internet available.  We’re going on the road, and I’ll try to keep in touch through the phone, but there is spotty coverage here and there.  Amazing in this developed country, but so it is. As for goals, I’ve been concentrating on life goals, and I am absolutely fine with that. 🙂

I’ve been enjoying being with my sons since Friday, so not a lot of writing has been moving forward.  I can’t write in the car, as it gives me motion sickness, and all the motion sickness medications make me sleep.  However, I am not worried about it.  I know I can get back in the groove quickly enough.  We haven’t all been together for a year and a half; as they get older, the times that we can manage that will occur even less often.

I’ve not been walking the dog daily, as Brigid is enjoying the kennel where she and Riley stay, which has horses and goats for her to bark at, and lots of dogs for soulful communication.  Riley, the consummate couch potato, is still on exercise restriction for about another month.  He is content to watch Brigid tear after the goats rather than join in.

However, I have been walking a lot.  The campus here is not as big as the massive state university where I work (not that I walk the perimeter of that ever!), but I am still walking more than a half-hour a day.  We went to a football game yesterday, which gave me the opportunity to walk up the steps to the nosebleed seats.

We leave the youngest son here today, and take off on the monster journey to the frozen north in the wee hours tonight.  My plan is to take notes for the book reviews that I owe far, far too many wonderful authors when I am not careening down the highway, so that I might have some to post when I get back.  The scholarly work will have to wait until we are at my younger daughters, although I will pick time with her family over writing again.  I’ve not seen them in well over a year, and if that means adjusting my goals, it will be well worth it.

So, I hope to be visiting many of you over the next few days; if not, know that I am supporting you in-between yelling at the “no service” icon on my phone!

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  1. Getting to spend time with your family and accomplishing other life goals is great. Sure, our writing goals are important, but I love that you can easily acknowledge that there are other important things, too! I could stand for a little of that myself…

    Sounds like you’ve been having a lot of fun, too (except for maybe the motion sickness!), so keep it up. I look forward to any other updates that may or may not be in the future if your phone cooperates. : )

    1. Thanks for coming by, Laura. It was a long trip but it was great to see the kids. I hadn’t seen my daughter in about two years, so that was very nice. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I want from life, and came up with new goals. All in all, a success, despite no writing getting done.

  2. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be having to deal with motion sickness. That particular aliment only happened to me once. I was flying into Baghdad back in 2003 in a C-130. It was my first trip into Iraq and the plane began doing evasive maneuvers. The Air Force crew explained that the locals below liked to shoot rockets and grenade launchers at the incoming military planes, so the pilots had to shift this way and that a lot to try and avoid them. So, there I was in this plane which was going left, right, up and down in every direction and thinking that someone may be shooting things at me which could kill me! Needless to say, my stomach starting getting queasy. On a bright note, closing my eyes and praying helped so I didn’t lose the contents of my stomach. On later flights in and out of there, it didn’t bother me, but that first time sure did!

    Anyway, it is totally understandable that you can’t get much progress made while being on the move and visiting with family. It’s good to spend time with them. Writing can be put off, but we only have so many moments with our loved ones and should cherish them all. I’m glad you are able to enjoy your time with yours. I also enjoy seeing the updates you provide, even if they don’t include much progress on actual goals. Do keep checking in!

    1. What a story, Susan! Yikes! My nephew just deployed to Kabul a couple of months ago, so I’m sure he enjoyed the same kind of flight in. I hate having motion sickness, because it is often boring not to be able to read. On this trip, though, I talked to my husband and son so it was better than when I’m on a bus with strangers or something like that.

      I did spend a lot of time thinking about life, which spurred me to come up with new goals. We’ll see how I do. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Elizabeth, I can totally sympathize and probably emphasize with you on so many levels -family certainly must come first, so until mid-December I too will be slightly aloof and dependent on mobile technology to connect with all-things web-related. I too am setting priorities to spend time with my family and enjoy some ‘me time’. Motion sickness (in cars) I certainly understand –I only listen to music or sleep in such cases, so take it easy and enjoy the journey (where you can). You can pick your writing goals when all is back to normal, in the meantime just enjoy the moment.

    1. I hope all turns out well for you and your family, Oz. There are clear delineations between things that merely annoy and interrupt what we want to be doing, and things that make us put down our work, but are well worth the interruption. I had a great time with the kids, and came back energized to tweak my goals. Take car, and thanks for coming by.

  4. Lovely to hear you are having such a good time and family time definately should take priority!

    Enjoy your time away and well done also on your exercise goals!

    1. Thanks, Em. I did have a nice time; it is so funny to see my sons fall back into their old behaviors immediately, as they had never been apart. And thanks for the congrats about the exercise. I upped the amount of exercise in my new goals, hoping to lose some weight.

  5. I don’t think anyone would call you out on spending time with your kids rather than writing, especially since it’s been a while since you’ve seen them. Enjoy your road trip. 🙂

  6. Enjoy those boys, Elizabeth! It must be the weekend for visiting, as we sent our teen aged son on a plane (his first flight on his own…I’m choking over here…Ack!) to visit his sister (our second oldest), who is in the Navy. He will return tomorrow. I can’t wait to see her for Christmas (fingers crossed that she isn’t deployed or something before then…). I will def be clearing out my schedule to simply enjoy visiting.
    Take care and have a safe trip home!

  7. Sounds wonderful! We all need to fill the well on occasion — other people get vacations form their jobs too, after all! 🙂

    Have a great trip and a great week.

  8. Spending time with family is a goal in itself. I spent the whole weekend Hiking with my family and dog. It was good to get away from my keyboard. I don’t do it enough.

  9. ROWsista, I’m so happy that you get to spend some time with the family! After being away from home for 3 years now, I know all too well how precious it is to be able to see my parents, younger sister, and extended family, so enjoy yourself — I’m sure your kids are thrilled to have you around. But I am glad to see that you are feeling confident that you’ll get on track with the writing and scholarly work once you get home. Family, and life goals, definitely come first.

    Be safe on the rest of your trip, and have a great time!

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