ROW80 Check-in October 26, 2011

It’s only right that I should hit a wall and need to encourage myself, isn’t it? I changed my goals, for the better, on Sunday. I made some progress on getting back in touch with my friends, as well as surprising my son with a text out of nowhere (he’s impressed his Luddite mother knows how to text!). I didn’t get any writing done on Sunday, but spent several hours tossing out old documents (well, recycling them), filing other things away and generally making the condo a little more liveable.

On Monday, however, life had some surprises for me. We got a call that my mother-in-law, whom we saw last week, was in the hospital. That evening, my brother emailed to set up a conference call with a caseworker to work with my parents to get them into assisted living, and telling me also that he is having tests done today (Wednesday).

Tuesday, the laptop died  again, for the third time in six months, so we have no computer at home, since the desktop that figures so prominently on the photo I took of my desk, is a doorstop. We’ve replaced the power supply twice, and have given up. The closest Apple Genius store is 90 miles away, sigh. Thankfully, my husband brought home his work laptop, or I’d be putting quarters in the machine at Fedex.

Today, my husband’s doctor called to schedule some tests for next week. The old chestnut about when it rains, it pours, is certainly proving itself this week.

Add to this that the day job, perhaps sensing my tweaked goals had relegated it to fifth place in my life, stepped it up a notch. I walked in Tuesday to my boss asking if I’d read all the email traffic the evening before. Um, no. Well, I had to and had several questions from the big boss to answer before I put down my purse. Today was just as bad—more questions, needing a fair amount of research, due NOW, so I skipped lunch yesterday and today, and am in a massive foul mood.

Writing? Not happening, although the good thing is I glimpse it through the trees like a clear, inviting pond on a hot day, and I want to be there so much, I can feel the water skimming over my arms and head as I dive in.  I figure it is a good sign that the desire is there, even though the mind whirls and the muscles burn from lack of sleep and food and water.

I know that life will settle down, that everyone will get through their tests and procedures and we will face whatever it brings shoulder to shoulder, but man, it is hard when it strikes all at once from all directions. I almost didn’t write a check-in, but the irony of what I wrote in the Monday post last week wouldn’t let me hide.

I don’t feel like a failure, though. I’m upset about the illnesses that my family members face, and frustrated by how little I can do to help.  I’m not good with helplessness, which adds to feeling ticked off by the day job and the computer fiasco. Yes, I have put in minimal writing and minimal exercising and feel awful about it, but that’s different from feeling like a failure.  I refuse to give up; heck, I’ll eat dirt before I’ll give up. Last round, and I apologize that I can’t remember in this mind rot who told me they would always connect the phrase with me, I used the phrase, “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.” Well, it is my tag line this week, because I refuse to fall down!

16 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in October 26, 2011”

  1. At least you’ve got your head up. Sorry that your week has been so rough. I certainly hope it improves!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Jennifer! You’re right, of course, all things will pass. Luckily, things are starting to resolve themselves, and I’ve gotten hold of my own bootstraps! I appreciate your stopping by; have a great week!

  2. Gosh that is A LOT to deal with all at once. I’ve been writing down the Tarot stuff and I can send you all the layouts and everything if you can’t get to it so if you can’t do the assignments at least you’ll have the information. Maybe we can get together after everything settles down to chat and go over it. Good luck and good healthy wishes for everyone!

    1. It definitely qualified for the “when it rains, it pours” adage. Thank you for the offer on the Tarot class. I will definitely want to get together to discuss it; it sounds like your week is awful! But soon. Thanks for the good wishes!

  3. geeeeee – your fam sounds a lot like my own – but for the husband you have – i’m single – in any event, it is more than a little trying when things seem to come by the dozen simultaneously, especially health issues – as a mother and grandmother and great grandmother i certainly relate to all of that, particularly the feelings of helplessness in the face of health issues of those we love – just remember weebles wobble but the don’t fall down!!! many healing thoughts your way!

    1. Thank you for the healing thoughts, Gypsy! I did wobble there for a time, but I have bounced back to my feet! I think we are all prepared to face whatever together, which helps a lot. Thank you for coming by to offer understanding and good thoughts.

  4. Oh Elizabeth, sorry to hear so much has hit at once, hopefully things will sort themselves out soon, perhaps writing can offer a much needed escape. Wishing you all the best.

  5. Not fair for all of that to pile up on you! But you’re right, you’ll be back at the writing and loaded with energy. Hope it all clears up soon. Take care.

  6. ROWSista, I’m sorry I’m just seeing this now! My mid-week was crazy and I didn’t get to make the rounds or check-in myself, but I give you many hugs, along with everyone above. We are having a similar period in my family right now — my grandmothers on both sides of the family are ill, and we just got some troubling news about my dad, though with him, we’re in the waiting phase of scheduling tests and needing results, etc. I understand you on the helplessness, but right now, all you can do is be present with them. I will be sending many good vibes your way!

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