ROW80 December 4th

A short check-in today, because I was sick most of the time since Wednesday.  Well, I’m still sick, but getting better, or so I hope.

Health:  I came down with a massive cold/perhaps flu late Wednesday.  I was in bed with chills most of Thursday and Friday.  I thought I was on the upswing, but nooo!  It’s enough to make me a real germophobe.  We have a shared keyboard and telephone at the reference desk, which I am planning to disinfect next time I am out there.  Looking weird?  Who cares?

I lost 2 pounds since Wednesday. It probably won’t stay off, since it was due to being sick, but I’ll take it.

Exercise: Except for shivering from chills, I’ve not done any exercise. Epic Fail. My dogs are very unhappy with me, since they prefer to walk with me rather than my husband (just kidding!)

Family:  Fail. My only accomplishment is that (knock on wood) I haven’t gotten my husband sick.

Friends: I felt well enough on Saturday to connect with some friends (virtually, since I’m still Typhoid Mary).

Writing: I looked into moving to the new domain, but couldn’t figure it out.  I finally swallowed my pride, and wrote WordPress Support for help.

My first of three posts on Gratitude went up on Lapidary Prose yesterday; it includes my thanks for the Versatile Blogger award which I received from L.S. Engler and Lena Corazon.

I have been rereading some of the novels I want to review, making notes in my Kindle. I’ve been planning future posts as well

Cheating a bit on Six Sentence Sunday, I have included below an eight-sentence excerpt from a short story that I wrote for some friends a couple of years ago.  The protagonist has just let the girl go, for her own good, so he thinks. Take a look if you want *runs and hides*

Day Job: I was out most of Thursday and Friday.  Works for me. 😀

As always, please go encourage the rest of the ROWers here.

He felt her loss as physically as if someone had cut off his leg or gouged out his eye. Silently shaking his head, he realized he had never felt this way.  He had thought himself above this pedestrian emotion, but now he knew he had been protecting himself from this horrifying emptiness. The feeling that he could not survive without her any more than he could without air or water warred with the certainty that he would survive, after a fashion, to drag his incomplete and crippled soul through endless days of longing. And Mother Mary, the nights. He was cursed with dreams of her, much as he was the night they met. Now, however, Satan tortured him with the all-too-vivid memory of her skin under his hands, her kisses that met his with unpracticed passion, the weight of her when he picked her up into his arms. God in starry heaven, he would go mad.

27 thoughts on “ROW80 December 4th”

    1. Thanks, Heather. I am starting to feel as though I have been sick forever. I suspect I don’t stop long enough to really get over something–Energizer bunny that I am.

      I hope you have a wonderful week too!

  1. Well done for getting anything done when you are sick and I hope you get better soon. I too have a sore throat and no power to my voice so I hope my class are kind to me tomorrow. Teaching 3 year olds Christmas play songs is not easy with no voice but thank goodness I have a cd to help me!

    Hope you have a healthier week!

    1. Thank you, Em. I hope your sore throat goes away soon. You teach 3-year-olds? My, you are far braver than I am. I’ve often said, I won’t teach anything under 18, and sometimes I want to raise that age limit as well!

      Here’s to lip-synching! Have a lovely week, and I hope you feel much better soon!

  2. do hope you feel better soon – no fun being ill when a grown up so many calls on one can’t just be ill like a kid!!

    good you did anything – look after yourself

  3. Seems like there’s been something going around. Thought I was just coming down with a sinus headache Wednesday until it knocked me right over yesterday. Couldn’t get warm even though it was over 70 in the house. Feeling better today, so hopefully we’re both on the upswing.

  4. As you know, I was desperately ill most of the last week and weekend so I totally feel your pain. Nothing sucks more than to be sick with a ton of things to do and goals to meet. But alas, it happens to the best of us so take the time you need to rest and get well. We’ll all be waiting to cheer you on when you are feeling better. Sending you virtual chicken noodle soup!

    1. Natalie, thanks so much for the virtual chicken soup. I’ve been of the grid all week, and finally am feeling better. What was that bug that hit us both? I think Jenny’s right–it’s bionic!

    1. Thanks for the sympathy, Amy. And I especially appreciate the comment about the excerpt. I have been very shy about showing my work; only a handful have seen that story, so I’m glad to know that you like it.

  5. Oh no! Feel better soon 😦 I think just about everything takes a back seat when you’re feeling bad. Don’t worry about it, you’ll get back on the horse as soon as you’re feeling better!

  6. …”notes on my Kindle.” You can make notes, too? Why do I not have one of these yet?? Helloooooo, Christmas present!

    Being sick sucks; I hope you’re feeling better soon, Elizabeth! Gotta love winter when everyone just seems to be a little under the weather all the time. I can’t wait to check out your Gratitude post (which will unfortunately have to wait for tomorrow since it’s almost my bedtime lol). Go and rest and feel better and return to full awesomeness!

    1. Yeah, I know–I will admit, though, that the onscreen keyboard is pretty clunky, so I wouldn’t dream of trying to write anything substantive, but for little bookmarks and reminders of passages I like for a review, it’s good enough. Highlighting is also available, and much easier.

      I did disappear off the grid for a few days, and am feeling a good deal better, thanks. I am approaching full awesomeness *blush*

  7. I really enjoyed the excerpt 😀 You’ve really gotten the point across that he NEEDS her. I’m sorry that he thinks he’s done this for her own good – am excited to see more!!

    Seems all of us are some sort of sick!! I hope you feel better soon are able to make this week productive.

    1. Yeah, doesn’t it seem everyone is sick? I was only productive at sleep, but I seem to have needed that!

      Thanks for the kind words on the excerpt. I will post some more of it soon–it needs a bit of polishing before I let it out in public 🙂

  8. Elizabeth, I’m so sorry you’re still sick. These germs are BIONIC this year and they linger so take it easy. 🙂

    Good on you for taking time to check in. Now go back to bed!!

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