ROW80, Six Sentence Sunday

ROW80 12/11/11 and Six Sentence Sunday

I missed my Wednesday check-in, the first time since July 4th, *Hangs head in shame*  I was off the grid most of the week–it was awful.  I pulled a back muscle while moving books at work on Monday, and that, combined with how my cough pulled on that darn muscle, sent me into a gnarled position that would have made a contortionist proud.

Health:  See above.  I think that my cold/flu weakened my back muscles, or perhaps it was because it was cold. Who knows?

I lost 0 pounds this week, but at least I held steady.  I waltzed, um no,  contortedly crab-walked past Dunkin Donuts that were brought to work, and managed the work holiday party without even filling my plate once.

Exercise: I did manage to walk my dogs Friday and Saturday, walking like a car with a bent frame.

Family: There were lots of phone calls with my sons lately as the younger was flying to visit the older, and managed to miss his plane (yikes!).  I will talk to my dad tonight and I need to call my sister.  She’s recently moved from Eastern Time Zone to Pacific and those three hours really trip me up.

My husband and I did manage to have date night on Saturday.  It has become enough of a habit that we don’t forget.

Friends: Not an epic fail, but not great.  I did correspond with another friend I had neglected for months, so there is that on the plus side.

Writing: I found out how to move to the new domain, so I am going to look at fonts and other enhancements this week.  I joined Jenny Hansen’s NaNoSlackMo, and have written almost every day, although I’m never awake when everyone is sprinting in the evenings.  Sorry, Jenny!

I have to write a presentation for a job interview (woo-hoo!), so that overrides all the other writing tasks this week.

My second (of three) posts on Gratitude went up on Lapidary Prose yesterday.

And for Six Sentence Sunday, I have included below an excerpt from a short story that I wrote about a year ago.  I’m revisiting it, shaking the dust off.  The story is about a British war bride, the struggles the GI has with being in Britain, and his wife’s struggles when they return to the States.  I posted an excerpt from the male POV a little while ago here.  This excerpt is from the female POV.  Both excerpts are about the night they met. Take a look if you want *hides*

Day Job: I crabwalked most of the week, sitting gingerly and wishing I was in bed.

As always, please go encourage the rest of the ROWers here.

Six Sentence Sunday
The sun was high before she woke up, but she had nowhere to be, so lay in bed lazily thinking about the previous evening and her handsome American GI, remembering seeing him across the room. To be honest, she first noticed him because he was tall and handsome, though not dark like in the romance novels, but with curly blond hair. As he came closer to her, it was his eyes that drew her gaze; they were a shade shimmering on the blue-green divide without committing one way or the other. After he disposed of the bothersome drunk, he spoke to her for the first time; his voice was a nice rich baritone with a not unpleasant American accent, neither too drawled nor too clipped. But as he took her hand into his to lead her to the dance floor, it was his smile that reached into her chest and wrapped itself around her heart. It was a smile that opened up the windows to his heart and aired out any dark corners he might have—genuine and freely given, she somehow knew that it was not unthinkingly bestowed, but was a gift to her, and only to her.

14 thoughts on “ROW80 12/11/11 and Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. Ouch, hope you feel better soon!
    I’m glad you joined Jenny and her awesome idea and that you have written almost everyday! That’s really great!
    Keep it up =)
    Oh, and good luck with your job interview!

    1. Thanks, Juliana. The back is starting to loosen, with lots of soaks and smelly liniments (my husband makes me sit downwind, poor thing).

      Jenny did have a fantastic idea. It’s going well for me because I think ha, 500 words, that’s no big deal; also, I write about whatever I want–blog post, musings about a scene. I’m learning I’m a really scattershot thinker, so the little pieces of writing work for me.

      And thank you for your good wishes on the interview. I’m excited 😀

  2. Sure hope your back gets to feeling better, Elizabeth! Now that you’ve been working out, don’t you miss it when you can’t? This will mark my sixth week of Crossfit and while I continue to have a love/hate relationship with exercise (I simply don’t like to to hard things when it involves my muscles…ha!), I can say that it’s sort of addictive! Never thought I’d hear myself saying such nonsense….

    You’ve been writing everyday? That’s great! I’m taking off until after Christmas. I managed to bake a bit and get the grocery shopping done yesterday. The house is clean. Sigh… that wrestling season is in full swing, I won’t stop until March! It’s crazy in our household.

    Don’t forget to stop by for 12 Days – you just might win a free book!

  3. ouch, hope the back is feeling better! You did well to achieve so much whilst in agony! have a great week 🙂

  4. There’s no shame to be had. Sorry about your back. I hope it feels better soon. At least you got date night in 🙂 Good luck with the presentation.

  5. best of luck with interview – I enjoyed both exerpts well done – and well done on sprints

    all the best for coming week and I do hope your back soon comes back to normal

  6. Very exciting that you have an interview, best of luck!

    I laughed at the crab walk past the doughnuts….a move I know all to well myself! Lately though I have been running like roadrunner towards such foods in a ‘it’s Christmas’ kind of way. January is when I start being good.

    Fingers crossed your back gets better, I know how painful and annoying that can be. Take care and have a great week!

  7. Wow, I’m tired just from reading about all that you did! I feel … lazy. lol And I miss probably 60% of check-ins, even when I don’t hop into a round late. I’m a bit forgetful…

    Good luck with your interview!

  8. i need to learn how to crab walk past dunkin donuts. their hot chocolates make it hard when it’s this cold out!

    good luck on your presentation, and the rest of your goals this week 🙂

  9. Pulled back muscles are the worst! Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Congratulations on crab-walking past Dunkin Donuts. 😉

    Good luck with your presentation!

  10. Sorry to hear about the back problems, but good luck on the interview! Always nice when the good evens out with the bad. 🙂

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