ROW 80 12/14/11

Super short check-in this Wednesday.  I have been up to my nostrils in interviews and the writing for them.

Health: I quit moving books, and my back is getting better.  I ditched the holiday party that was being held today, as there would be nothing good to eat–well, good, but not good for me.

Exercise: I began walking a half-hour a day with a colleague at work, so that is proving helpful.  I’m still walking the dogs (like they would let me stop!)

Family: I haven’t been able to catch up with my sister yet.  I have been falling asleep so early, I could pass for ninety years old.  I’ll keep trying.

Friends: Not much contact in the last few days. Any correspondence has been rather selfish, asking about interview hints and te like, so it doesn’t really count.

Writing: I have written one presentation for the job interview that will be Sunday through Tuesday next week.  I got a call Monday for another phone interview this afternoon. I wish I were writing more fun stuff, but this is all for a good cause.

Day Job: Showed up.  Sometimes, that is all I can do.

As always, please go encourage the rest of the ROWers here.

6 thoughts on “ROW 80 12/14/11”

  1. Sometimes just showing up is the best thing that happens all day. Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate and still managing pretty darn well!

  2. Hope the back pain gets better soon! With that, showing up is a success in and of itself.

    Good luck on the interview. 🙂

  3. Ditto from me on the show-up thing. 🙂 Showing up is half the battle. (Actually it’s anywhere from 40% – 60% of the battle, depending on who you ask.)

    Best of luck on the job front, and may you find much more time to write with the New Year.

  4. A little late on commenting here, but your synopsis of the day job almost made me literally laugh out loud. That is precisely how I’ve been feeling about my day job lately, ugh.

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