ROW80 12/18/11

First, my best wishes for a great four days to the end of this Round; and holiday greetings to all!  Next, my apologies for not replying to comments in the past few days.  Also, I have not yet posted the third Gratitude post, which I had planned to do last Friday.  Mea culpa! Perhaps by the end of the week.Despite that, I have been doing a lot of writing.  In fact, I probably wrote a NaNo amount of words everyday for four days straight.  The downside–I threw away about half of them.  The other, well, not downside, really, is that the writing was for two phone interviews in less than a week’s time, both of which took some planning and writing.  The upside is that within only a few hours of having the phone interview, I was invited for on-campus interviews.

I have to give a presentation to anyone who cares to show up at those interviews, and the first presentation is tomorrow. So, although I have fallen off the creative writing train, it is all in a good cause.

Also, I will be travelling today, but I will get through my sponsor comments today.  I will try to get to my responses to your comments by Tuesday at the latest–I have a long layover on the return flight, so I’m hoping.

On to my goals:

Health: Following the trend of not eating at the work holiday party last week, I have avoided all the holiday treats.  Well, right after one of the phone interviews, I did indulge in one of the bourbon balls a colleague brought, but that was medicinal–for my nerves, you know.

Exercise: I am still walking a half-hour a day with a colleague at work, as well as with the dogs.  I have to change planes in the Atlanta airport today, so I will be able to add a sprint in suit and heels to the list for today.

Family: I have been keeping up with my dad by phone, and the rest of my siblings by email. That’s better than we have been for some time, so I’ll take it.

Our daughters are up to the necks in Christmas preparations for their kids, but we are planning to visit them in January or February.

We were hoping our oldest son could come visit for Christmas, but he is working steadily and can’t take time off.  I’m disappointed, but he can visit whenever his winter lay-off happens.  I’ll be glad to pretend it’s Christmas then.

Our younger son will fly home Friday, so that will be nice.

Friends: I have been very spotty about getting in touch with friends this past week,  I am hoping that I will rectify that next week, when I am on break.

Writing: The presentation for tomorrow has been written, edited, re-edited, timed, practiced, polished, and is finally ready to go.

The other phone interview went well, although I was slightly surprised that I was given the questions two hours ahead of time.  I felt that meant I had to do research and write at least an outline, so I did a lot of brainstorming writing and re-writing in those two hours.  I must have done well, because they contacted me Friday to schedule an on-campus interview.  Thankfully, it isn’t until January, so I still will have a break next week.

Day Job: Several of you with day jobs commented with “amen, sister,” to my last check-in about the day job.  The past few days?  The body showed up, the mind did not.  What can I say?

As always, please go encourage the rest of the ROWers here.

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  1. Best of luck with your presentations! I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you.

    Have a great Christmas, Elizabeth! Enjoy your youngest son’s visit – and look forward to seeing your daughters in Ja/Feb! I will see my daughter who is in the Navy in March! It’s so hard to think of her not being home for Christmas…it will be the first year that we’re not all together! I feel a bit down about it. But..I will see her soon, G-D willing! See you for the next round, I hope.

    1. Thank you, Nadja! The first presentation went well (phew!) and the next one isn’t until January 18th, so that is a relief. I know how you feel about not having your daughter at home this Christmas, but her visit in March will help. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

      I will definitely be back in Round 1 of 2012. Looking forward to seeing you there.

    1. Thanks, Raelyn! The first presentation went quite well, thank goodness. Considering how much life has thrown at me this round–nothing huge but so many little pebbles!–I’m happy with my progress. I hope you have had a productive week!

  2. Eeep, I’ve been a bad ROWsis and totally out of the loop – it has been non-stop grading and paper-writing and thesis-writing for the past couple of weeks, and I am finally coming up for air. The best of luck with the phone interviews and presentations! I will send along all my happy thoughts and good vibes. My department has had two weeks of job talks (we’re hiring a demographer), and I know how intense the process can be, but I am sure you will do magnificently well.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. Oh, your submersion was totally understandable, ROWsis! No apologies necessary! The presentation went quite well on Monday; I had hoped for a bit of a smaller crowd since it is so close to the holidays, but there were about 40 people there. Thank goodness I’m a frustrated actress!

      I appreciate the good thoughts; I hope you have a wonderful holiday, now that all your massive amounts of work are done!

  3. You’re keeping up the goals really well. I fell behind this quarter but I used the last couple of weeks to think through where I want to go in 2012. Thanks for sharing your goals with your ups and downs. It helped me.

  4. Hope the presentations go well, although with that amount of preparing, I suspect you have nothing to worry about. I’m so glad I discovered this wonderful writing community through ROW80, and you are a big part of that!

    Wishing you the best of the holiday season and many blessings for 2012!

    1. Thank you so much, Tia, for the good wishes. The first one went quite well on Monday, thank goodness.

      And thank you for being a large part of my writing community here at ROW80. I am very glad that we met. Have a wonderful holiday with your family and a wonderful year in 2012!

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