January 8, 2012

First, I am following the lead of several ROW80 folks last round and am putting all my updates in one post.  I will be interested to see how that works.

I think I am going to need to tweak my goals again but hey, it’s ROW80. I am feeling like the bionic cold (nomenclature thanks to Jenny Hansen) is coming back, although it could be allergies jumpstarted by sorting through dust-laden boxes from the garage.

Also, the writing has stalled this week.  Obviously, the upcoming change in day job has done some of that, but the switching between the reviews and the reading of the craft books is not working.  So I’m going to change it up to working on the reviews, then moving on to outlining the fiction.  I will see if reading about the craft works better in tandem with creating blueprints.

Writing:  I have been reading and taking notes for an hour a day, so the reviews are simmering.  They are not coming as easily as I would like, but I’m trying not to beat myself up about that.

I have stalled on blog posts, too.  I have a lot of the research done for several more literary history posts, and lots of word origins, but can’t seem to pull it together. I need to work on that. 😦

Community:  Commenting? I did comment on a few blogs; I will do more today.  I have not replied to comments on my blog this past week 😦 but I want to catch up today.
Facebook page? Not so much, but I have some ideas on what to expand.
Twitter? Exercising restraint.
ROW80 Facebook page? yes, I’ve commented on a few posts.

Exercise: 5,000 steps? yes
stairs? yes

Personal:  contacted friends? yes
contacted children?  yes

I even had a date night last night; my husband and I cleared the packing detritus, watched a movie, and critiqued it, just like the old days.

Moving:  I packed for an hour on Thursday and Friday and 4 hours on Saturday.

Please go check on all the ROW80 participants here

January 4, 2012

In the way life has, it has thrown me a curve.  Mind, this is a good curve, even an excellent curve, but a curve just the same.  By the end of this round, I will have moved 1,150 miles to Albany, New York, and started a new day job. For many of you, that isn’t that big a deal; in fact, some of you have done that long a move recently.  Me? Every time I move, I promise myself that I will get rid of things, especially books, but I end up running out of time, throwing things into a storage space to “deal with later.”I have discovered the hard way that I do not work well with clutter; it paralyzes my mind, chokes my muse, and makes everyday things more difficult.  If you have never spent fifteen minutes every morning looking for something that has gotten submerged in the detritus on the hall table, or the kitchen counter, or the nightstand, you will not understand the miasma of despair that surrounds living in a place too small for belongings that have been “gifted” to us from several relatives.So I am adding a goal to my list for this Round.
Moving: Spend an hour a day during the work week, and four hours a day on the weekend, divesting and packing.

So how did I do?

Book reviews? Yes on Monday, no on Tuesday, no on Wednesday.
Craft books?  Fail.

Commenting? Not yet–planned for the rest of the week
Facebook page? again, not yet
Twitter? Being good
ROW80 Facebook page? yes, ma’am

5,000 steps? yes
stairs: I cheated once on Tuesday 😦

contacted friends? on track
contacted children?  yes; I even contacted my great-niece and had a wonderful on-line chat with her.


One hour? yes, on Tuesday and Wednesday

But, excelsior, right?  Please go check on all the ROW80 participants here

15 thoughts on “Check-in”

  1. Major changes can be so exciting and rewarding. I am happy for you and wish you all the best in your new adventure. Albany is one place I can say I have been to. Kudos! 🙂 x

  2. Good luck with the move! I like the attitude you have of doing a little each day. I found that’s what I had to do to declutter my life more. I’m still working through the process, but this last move we made helped a lot!

  3. Excelsior is the New York State motto – on the flag and everything!

    I am about 30 miles up the Hudson from Albany. The kids LOVE the State Museum there…’s one of their favorite playgrounds (especially midday and midweek during the school year, when it’s nearly empty!).

    Welcome to the Right Coast, and may your preparations and purgings go well….we are also purging, because, although our house is small; it’s bigger than the travel trailer that will be our next home…..

    I wonder why you said “fail” for the craft book when the week isn’t over yet….wouldn’t, “Not yet” be a truer statement, and kinder to yourself? =)

    it looks like you are moving along nicely!

  4. Good luck with your move and enjoy the decluttering. It’s something I should be doing. It’s also stressful moving, so go easy. Congratulations on the new day job!

  5. All progress is good so well done! Have to agree with what shan says about the ‘fail’ word. We do not fail at ROW we just flater slightly and do it for the next check-in!

  6. I think you’re doing quite well considering your circumstance. Any progress is good progress! Welcome to NY! I’m about an hour south west (I think) of Albany. Good luck with the new job and the moving (ugh!)
    Your check-ins will improve, I’m sure of it!

  7. You have achieved alot this first week and with moving it can be hard to achieve anything but moving! I hope this week goes well for you.

  8. The first time I moved, my husband and I moved out of my mom’s house and into our mobile home, two doors down. The second time we moved, it was out of our mobile home into our newly built house a few yards away. So moving as far away as you are would be traumatic for me. LOL

    I think you’re doing great, especially considering all the moving preparations. ROW80 is great because we CAN tweak our goals. 🙂

    As far as doing all your updates in one post…I don’t think it gives people email notifications if you just update a post rather than writing a new one. I’m not sure about that, though.

  9. Hi there! Considering that you’re dealing with a bionic cold, moving, and changing your day job, I think you’re doing terrific just by having goals to shoot for. Keep hanging in there. Things will get easier when your life settles down a bit. I’m doing the posts all on one page too. Lauralynn is right, it doesn’t send out a notification when you post. I just tweet it and put it on the linky list.

    Good luck with everything going on in your life!

  10. be kinder to yourself – you’re moving! One of the top three higest stress events – well done for doing any thing let alone what you have

    Not keen on the one post thingy – at the beg. of the round it’s fine then it just takes too long to get to where one can leave a comment and theres no notification you have posted it – just saying how I feel – I know a few of the ROWer’slike it

    all the best for coming week and look afteryourself (cold or hayfever need TLC

  11. Seriously, if you’re moving, I’m amazed your getting any kind of writing done. IMO, there’s nothing more stressful or annoying. No matter how hard you try, it’s a mess every time.

    Good luck this week and with your move!

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