ROW80 1/15 Cleaning the Well

Wow, here we are halfway through the month of January.  Time is accelerating in my part of the world, due to piles of books and clothing in most of the living space at my house.  It is one of the things I wonder–how did I manage to accumulate all this detritus??

I am doing better than my Wednesday meltdown might have led one to believe.  In large part, this is due to this incredibly supportive, great community.  Thanks to everyone who offered support and  encouragement; t was heartwarming to see how many of you commented.  I greatly appreciated the suggestions about how to deal with my fears.  I had mentioned doing Kait Nolan’s  test mile; Lauralynn Elliot’s advice to just breathe and let what comes to the mind and fingers come, and Ruth Nestvold’s suggestion to have conversations with myself were very helpful.

I have been writing at least 500 words a day Thursday through today.  At first it was stream of consciousness: fears, doubts, anger.  Slowly these writings turned to hope as I looked into what matters to me enough to write about it.  The first thought that hit me is little lost girls who conform to fit in, to get along, then slowly find their voices.  Hmm, I’ve not written anything like that.  Another thought is the rocky road to love and acceptance trod by those who didn’t have supportive families at birth.  I feel as though things may be coming back to me, and oddly enough, new things too.

So for my goals:

Writing:  I’ve rediscovered the water at the bottom of the well.  I don’t want to pump it dry, so I am continuing the test mile, nurturing some of the thoughts, but not worrying if all I write is morning pages.

I finally replied to comments on last Wednesday’s post; I want to make my way back to the week-ago comments, but it may take me a while 😦

I did make some comments on other blogs.  Although I am busy, I do miss the accountability of being a sponsor.

I am slowly working on the new domain, and will thank below the brave souls who have actually followed me on the duct-tape covered construction site.

Packing: Saints in heaven, no one needs to own over 10,000 pounds of books–who did I think I was–the British Library??  My husband is becoming quite the ebay expert; luckily he hasn’t been able to list the dogs (or me) on auction.

Planning:  I am the planning fool.  I have posterboard calendars, moving checklists, lists of what needs to be done at the current day job, at the old house, at the new house (which I don’t have yet), and the new day job.  I am Organization, hear me roar!

Social: I’ve been doing somewhat better with friends, somewhat worse with family.  I will work harder on this goal.  Date night was a lot of fun, especially to go someplace without packing peanuts as part of the decor!

Exercise: I’ve been losing a bit more weight.  I seem to have gotten my walking pneumonia again, so I don’t feel like eating.  I’ve lost two pounds since the start of the round, woohoo! I am walking up the stairs, and counting steps I walk.

And, penultimately, I would like to thank those who have followed my blog since the beginning of the year:

Missy Biozarre is a young adult fantasy/science fiction writer, who blogs at Missy Biozarre,  (following Leavekeeping).

Eden, of Many Worlds, Many Minds is a fellow ROWer, author of speculative fiction and erotica, and is following Lapidary Prose.

And the following brave souls have followed me on Elizabeth Anne Mitchell.  I appreciate your believing in me!

Coral Russell, author of Amador Lockdown, posts book reviews and other thoughts on writing at Alchemy of Scrawl.

Jennifer M. Eaton, author of Hidden in Plain Sight, writes about the lessons she has learned about writing.

Raelyn Barclay writes about Tarot cards and their use in writing; other writing lessons, and book reviews.

David N. Walker is a freelance writer and co-founder, along with Kristen Lamb, of Warrior Writers’ Boot Camp.
Janeen  is a fellow ROWer, she blogs at  Words By Design and writes an eclectic mix of things.

As always please go encourage all the other ROWers here.

14 thoughts on “ROW80 1/15 Cleaning the Well”

  1. Hey there, some great goals there, particularly like the one about e-bay… just as well ebay don’t allow livestock. Your doing better at the whole weight thing as well, we’ve got a plan… just needs to be implemented.. hmmm

  2. Oh, the theme of lost (or, in my case, “good”) little girls who have found their voices! A very familiar theme, for me.

    I have been exploring the depths and seeing things anew for the last several years, since the day my father was screaming into the face of my five year old son, who was sobbing heartrendingly, because he had done nothing intentionally wrong. I intervened, and my mother said, “Do you think it’s wise to interfere?”

    INTERFERE?!?!? In defense of my own child? How could that be interference?

    Things have not been the same, since that day I first found my voice and said something I do not remember, but which changed me from unwitting victim to consciously choosing not to spend my time with anyone (DNA notwithstanding) who does not treat others – all others, not just a selected and adult few – with civility and respect.

    I hope it all develops well for you, and, that, if there is pain in the growing, you can find that it serves a greater and greter joy as you find your voice and free yourself….

    Shan Jeniah (the name I gave myself, to remind my I have a self, and a voice, that belong to me, alone).

    1. Shan, there is definitely a lot of overlap between the story of your family of birth and mine. And yes, lost/good little girls are a large part of that–in fact I have not only my own story, but my mother’s and my grandmother’s to add to the saga.

      Although I realized early on that DNA didn’t make a family, it took me a long time to feel that it was all right, that there wasn’t something missing in me. Your point about the pain reminds me of something I realized a while back–the truth shall set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

      And on yet another point of likeness, this name is not my birth name either, but one I have chosen for myself.

      I hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. What a great check in Elizabeth! That is a lot of books, LOL. It’ll be nice to see you all moved in (home, domain, job…). Thanks so much for the shout out! Wishing you all the best with your goals and packing this week.

    1. Thank you, Raelyn. Yeah, when two humanities majors meet in library school, watch out! Book explosion! I’m working on reminding myself that I have access to libraries (duh, as a librarian, ya think??) and that my Kindle can hold bookcases of novels. You’re very welcome for the shout out. I may pick your brain when I get to the Tarot brainstorming for some ideas I have simmering. Thanks for the encouragement, and I hope you have a lovely week.

  4. good check in and great you are getting back on top I heard your roar from here (UK) 🙂 books ah yes I couldn’t moved them all with me – removal men hated me esp as the bookroom here was to be upstairs!!!! hey I paid enough no need to bitch:)

    I’m building new web site full of hitches we get there we get there – bon voyage in both new places and all the best for coming week

    1. Thank you, Alberta. I’m following your progress with the new site avidly, hoping I can learn from your successes!

      I do love my books–the difficulty comes when shifting them, though. I hope you have a lovely week!

  5. It’s hard to get rid of dear friends… fortunately, there are still some books that qualify as casual acquaintances. My husband looks cross-eyed at me every time I bring another book home too. And now that our son is as big a book worm as me, I think the poor man is going to need another visit to the optometrist…. Please don’t tell him that there’s a market for books on Ebay. 😉

  6. Holy…you’ve got a lot going on. Moving? Yikes. I think you’re on to something with the morning pages — so many epiphanies, mainly about ourselves.

    Lost little girls — I think that’s something that would speak to so many of us, I hope you follow it where it leads.

  7. I’m so glad you’re feeling better about things this week. I was worried when I saw your blog headline last week and then of course didn’t come back to comment. Since I started free writing in the morning, I have found my whole day lines up better. I just blab out whatever I want in the morning and get it out of my system. That really lets me focus on whatever I should be working on in the afternoon. I hope you find some zen in all your craziness this week!

  8. Oh goodness, I am already getting nervous about cleaning out and packing up my tiny studio; I can’t imagine dealing with an entire house! And while it makes me sad to think of books having to be sold, sometimes you just can’t keep them all. I’m already starting to root through the piles of books that have been stacking up on the floor because I can’t fit them on my bookshelves, and trying to figure out what can be put up for sale on Amazon.

    I am so glad that the writing is coming along as well. There is something to be said about just sitting down and writing morning pages until an idea or two crystallizes. I think that taking the time for some exploration and some soul-searching is so important, and I love both of the themes that you have excavated so far.

    Good luck with the rest of the week, my friend!

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