Check-in February 1 Leaping hurdles and hitting my stride

Okay, who stole most of January? Really? I clearly remember this Round starting, thinking that all of January lay before me.  Humph! The last few days have flown by due to various family crises; without weighing down this check-in with all the fol-de-rol that happened, I am going to post that on Lapidary Prose.

The good news? We signed a lease Tuesday for a house in Albany.   *throws confetti* I had started to fear that we would be moving things into storage at first, but thank the stars in heaven, that is no longer necessary. I will still endeavour to divest myself of books and other possessions, but not having to move things twice is truly liberating.

On to the accountability portion of our program:

Writing:  I’ve been going beyond the raw outpourings in the test mile, starting to pull pieces into the perspective of one WIP or another.  I’m still struggling with the POV of my female lead in the British bride WIP.  One thing I hope to do this weekend is find a name for her.  Nothing I’ve tried so far works for her.

Exercise:  Not only have I been walking a lot, but I’m walking in 25-40 degree weather.  Yes, I know how mild that is here, but I’m pleased at how well I’ve acclimated to this weather. After all, it is still getting into the 80’s in Gainesville.

Also, I’ve been walking up steps like I grew up with them, and it will only get better.  The house we are renting has a basement and a second-floor—who needs a stair-climber when one’s house serves the same purpose?

Family: I’ve been emailing all the kids pictures of the house. I will need to print some off to send via snail mail to my dad, who regards computers and email somewhat like the brain worms of Star Trek movie fame.

I have not had the courage or the strength to call my dad; I have to do it soon, but do not look forward to it.

As in the last check-in, I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time with my husband.  Sometimes I am reminded of the expression that marriage is planting two holly bushes too close together, but we have been doing pretty well lately at interleaving our thorns.

Friends: I’ve kept some friends updated on the house hunting, but have not been very supportive on Facebook or commenting on blogs. I will get back to this, I promise, but I may not be my usual, verbose self until next Round.

Day Job: There are things I said I would do that I’ve decided not to do.  Doing them does not benefit me or any of the colleagues that have been supportive or kind. I am quite tired of being the “professional good girl,” and, with apologies,  twisting slightly Elizabeth Ann West’s comment last check-in, I’m putting my oxygen mask on first. Elizabeth Ann meant to take care of myself first, but in this case, I’m taking care of myself, period. Whoo, where did that rant come from?  These morning pages/test miles are peeling the onion, I think!

I do have things to do for some of my colleagues, but they will understand if the kerosene in the lamp runs out before I finish. A good faith effort will suffice.

Overall, I am pleased with progress. I am in so much better shape in so many ways this first day of February than I was this day last year. Isn’t that what it is all about?

As always, please encourage all the other ROWers here.

19 thoughts on “Check-in February 1 Leaping hurdles and hitting my stride”

    1. Oh my goodness, Janet–you made me laugh out loud! I nearly woke up my husband, but you have the right of it. I don’t know about the UK, never having worked there, but the US tends to take the “Puritan work ethic” a bit too far sometimes. I don’t mind hard work; in fact, I’m known among my colleagues as a hard worker, but employers here sometimes expect to be able to treat workers like dirt and still have them work long hours, with no extra pay or appreciation. I’m done with that, thank you very much!

      Thank you for stopping by; I hope you have a lovely rest of the week.

  1. I bet it was the Grinch. Since he can’t steal Christmas anymore he by goodness had to steal something. It just so happened it was January. Congrats on the new house! Positive progress all around. Great job 🙂

    1. Indeed. I thought a caught a glimpse of green when I flipped the calendar over. And I swear I heard a cackle from the tip top of Mount Crumpit.

      In other news, Elizabeth Anne Mitchell has been nominated for the Airline Industry’s prestigious Securing Her Own Oxygen Mask Before Assisting Others award. A pillar of industry policy, airline professionals have stressed the importance of the principle for years – not only in flight – and utilize the award as an embodiment of this. Congratulations to Elizabeth on this proud day!

      1. Thank you, thank you all for this prestigious award! Seriously, this concept is one of the hardest to internalize. “Must . . . take . . . care . . . of . . .others,” even when cynically, but truthfully, there are few organizations that feel the slightest loyalty to their workers. *shudders* wow, I haven’t gotten all that rant out yet, have I?

        Profuse apologies for not replying earlier to your comment, Matt. I enjoy your voice, and always appreciate that you stop by.

  2. Good on you for taking care of yourself. A writer’s biggest enemy is burnout, even if it’s from other sources than writing.

    And congratulations on mastering the stairs and cold thing. (That’s where January went, btw, it’s hiding in shame that it didn’t stop you.)

    1. Camille, thanks for coming by, and apologies for the late reply. Writers have to be protective of their energies and their time; especially in a world where being a writer is seldom seen as a viable pursuit, but like my eldest sister described my pursuit of a Ph.D., as “prolonged adolescence.”

      I did show that weather, didn’t I? *puffs up in pride*

    1. Julie, several years ago I twisted the phrase “the truth shall set you free” by adding “but first it will make you miserable.” That is often what the morning pages are like, but they are setting me free.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Some characters are so stingy about giving up their names, aren’t they? I hope your character lets you know her name soon.

    Ooh, peeling back the onion. I love that phrase and imagery. Slow and not always comfortable work, but think of all the great dishes you’ll make!

    Congratulations on the house, too!

    1. Thank you, Kim. So far, I haven’t had my heart-to-heart with my character yet, but soon, I hope.

      Peeling the onion often makes me cry, but you are right, the flavor of it in the dish makes it worthwhile.

      I appreciate your stopping by.

  4. I know where there’s an 80 degree waterpark only an hour or two away…….if you need heat in the next few months……

    I am excited for you! It’s cool to have a home waiting for you. And wonderful that you are giving yourself permission to let go of some “good girl” things.

    I understand the dread of speaking to particular family members at particular times. I am dealing with that a bit myself, just now. I know I am going to have to deal with a lot of misassumptions, fearmongering, and boundary crashing – and I am not looking forward to it. I’d so much rather have peace than confrontation. The only way to have peace with those who are not peaceful is to stand one’s ground without attacking or backing away.

    But I would rather just be left alone.

    I will wish you the courage to deal with your family stuff, and me the courage for mine. We’ll get through this, and into a more peaceful place. I know we will. =)

    Once you’re settled in up here, there is a delightful coffee sanctuary in Albany that Eden introduced me to – Professor Java’s. There are also bookstores around…….

    All your talk of onions has me thinking I will start an onion stock tomorrow…..maybe I can get rid of these sniffles with a soup…….

    1. Thank you for the perspective on dealing with families of birth. I am very hopeful that we can meet for coffee and books–it sounds yummy.

      And thank you for your support through these past weeks–I appreciate your patience in waiting for a reply to your comment. 🙂

  5. You go girl! There’s no one more important than yourself; remember if you are not good for yourself, you are good for no one. I learnt that the hard way in the past few years, so I totally emphasize with you. Do what’s good for you, stay strong, put your life into perspective and enjoy what you have achieved.

    I’m loving the fact that you are making good progress on your writing endeavours -now I’m all fired to write more words (sadly I have to wait till tomorrow *boo-hoo-hoooo*).

    Congrats on the house and excellent news on the walking & stairs -and by the sounds of it the fab clean air. Stay positive sweetie, you are doing great.

    1. Thank you for the support, Oz. I have to admit that the house and area are looking so good, I’m wondering when the bad part is going to show up, lol. Right now, my muse is on strike, but I’m okay with that–she deserves a break.

      Thank you for coming by!

    1. I’m glad I provided some inspiration, KM! I did hit a slump in the last two weeks, but it’s taken me so long to reply to comments, *blush*, I’ve become positive again.

      Thank you for stopping by, KM. I appreciate it.

  6. You sound so optimistic now! I’m glad things are working out well for you. You’ve had a lot on your plate and it’s time to think of yourself. Which you seem to be doing, so that’s great. Good luck with the move and everything else that’s going on with your life. I’ll say another prayer for your mom and dad. I know that part of your life is still tough.

    1. Thank you, Lauralynn! I very much appreciate the prayers, because that area continues to be tough.

      I have returned to some optimism since my wallow in the Slough of Despond; your support is very welcome. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your comment.

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