February 22 check-in Dreams of Animate Boxes

My pride over replying to all the comments on my check-ins was short-lived.  Ah, well.  I do plan to reply to all the comments before the next check-in.  I do read them; they mean a lot.

Test mile: I managed to eke out the test mile 2 of the 3 past days, but I see the narrowing of the time tunnel ahead.  I will probably have to suspend writing while on the road, but I will try to continue in the meantime.
I did not manage to get the post on my other sites to act as a placeholder until I can get back to a regular blogging schedule, but I hope to do so before the next check-in.

Packing:  Gah.  I am at the point where I daydream of minimalism, and wonder why I bought all this stuff in the first place.  Of course, I didn’t buy it; I inherited most of it.  While I like some of the pieces, I yearn for my place not to look like indigent graduate student digs. Imagine, some people actually have matching furniture in their living rooms!

What I have learned: I don’t react well to stress.  Big surprise, but I didn’t realize how badly I react to good stress.  I’m excited and looking forward to the move and the new day job, but I have dreams of the boxes becoming animate in the night, shifting forward when I am not looking.  It’s a lovely metaphor and could be a really freaky short story, but in the heart-pounding dark of the night, not so cool.

I’ve also learned the importance to take some time to connect with friends.  I met C.M. Cipriani for a long, farewell lunch the other day; she and I had an interesting conversation about self-pubbed “authors,” (if you read her blog post here, you will understand the quotation marks) who do not edit, proofread, or in other ways improve their texts before they visit them on the public like yellow fever.  Even if we did trash-talk people who drag down our works in the same way that the washer on the porch next door and the three wrecked cars in the front yard two doors down kill our property values, it was such a wonderful thing to sit and share in person.  

I have not been on Twitter or Facebook much in the last several weeks, and I realize (again) how much I miss my online friends.  I need and appreciate your support, and can only hope that I can support you when you need it.

Please encourage all the other ROWers here.

14 thoughts on “February 22 check-in Dreams of Animate Boxes”

    1. Thank you for the good wishes, Morgan! I can handle some change, but new day job, new house, new town–hmm, it is a bit overwhelming. I have a good reaction to the day job and the new house and town, so I think it will be okay. Also, there are several ROWers in upstate New York, which will help immensely!

  1. No. Real people do not have matching furniture. 😛

    “Good Stress” is such a difficult thing to understand. It is very real, though, and some people are caught unawares when it strikes!

    1. Ha, Amy Beth–I hear you. We looked at some suburban neighborhoods, then realized we wouldn’t fit in there–not because of our mismatched furniture, but because of our differing values. We’re introverted intellectuals, not terribly interested in impressing the neighbors with our house or car.

      There’s a great chart of stress that shows marriage on a par with divorce, and a new baby on the level of a death in the family. It seems odd, but it is true.

  2. I felt the same exact way about my furniture. Actually, I said it felt like coming home was equal to walking into a Goodwill. In the bad side of the sticks. After someone broke in and stole all the “good stuff”. O_o So we donated everything and then didn’t move so we’re sitting on the floor now.

    It *might* be an improvement. Still out on that.

    I’m excited I have my own tag on your blog. 😀

    After getting more replies, I’m feeling less stabby over the book but still not unhomicidal enough to write the review.

    1. LOL, I love the Goodwill analogy. We are leaving some of the uglier stuff in the condo to help “stage” it for sale. I’m not sure that it won’t make people run away.

      I’m glad you have your own tag on my blog, too. How’s the review going? Still homicidal? 😀

  3. Our living room matches – it matches US! I call it Unschool Eclectic.=)

    I am way behind on my replies, too….they’re getting pushed aside by the immediacy of other things.

    Don’t worry about answering this one yet. Just know I am reading, and enjoying, and that your post brightened my night.

    Sorry about those scary boxes! Maybe the short story would be good therapy, later….?

    1. I like your viewpoint, Shan! I want a cozy place, but I think I need to upgrade just a bit from ragged to shabby chic, lol.

      I think everyone understands your being behind on replies. I hope Jim is continuing to get better.

      I’m glad that you enjoy the posts–I always think they are sooo boring! 🙂 And I am planning a horror story about the boxes–and having a lot of fun with it.

  4. It’s no wonder you’re stressed – moving is overwhelming and packing things up adds chaos. You deserve a spa weekend and uber pampering when all is said and done.

    Online friends are amazing – always such a supportive group. I’m always here cheering you on.

    I hope your week finds you with some moments of peace. *hugs*

  5. Always a refreshing post awaits me here. Now, off to read Cipriani’s blog; already know I will like it. Keep those dreaded boxes at bay.

    1. Thank you, Karen! I often think I write the most boring posts ever, but that is my inner critic. I need to lock her in the closet more often 🙂

      I’m glad to have sent you to Crystal’s blog. Although she is facing a lot of change right now, she is always interesting to read.

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