February 26 check-in Winding Up Week

Although I hope to continue to post check-ins, the move is upon us. The next two weeks are the crux of the move; the movers will show up on Thursday; we will drive out of town on Friday. I have to work through Thursday to preserve health benefits and income to bridge the gap until the new job’s income and benefits kick in, so the packing is going to take over the rest of my waking hours this week.

We will visit our eldest daughter and her family on the way. She lives exactly halfway between Gainesville and Albany. Then it will be on to the new house to undo all that I have done this coming week. The irony of that does not escape me, and figures in my new story.

Test mile: Although most of what I am writing is brainstorming instead of “real” writing, I turn to writing for sanity these days. To my surprise, I am having a lot of fun working through the sentient boxes story.

Packing: I can see the headlight of the train at the end of the tunnel. At least twice a day, I go to get something that has already been packed. It’s good, but frustrating. Our condo looks like an episode of Hoarders, with little pathways through the rooms, surrounded by piles of boxes. I laughed hysterically when the realtor wanted to come take pictures, saying she could work around the boxes.

What I have learned: Lately my inner nerd has been showing more than usual. 90% of the packing is done, so the detritus is either things that have to be packed at the last minute–the coffeemaker–or things that should be sold, given away, or tossed. My husband is the “throw it all in a box to deal with in Albany.” I hate that kind of procrastination. Don’t get me wrong, I have my favorite forms of procrastination, but I am enough of a nerd that “sort stuff later” is anathema. Hey, my day job is to organize information.

I am, however, restraining myself to a comment or two that I do not want to leave boxes unopened for a year again. Both of us are prickly as heck, which means that I am still learning how to deal with my husband, even though we will have been married for twenty-five years this summer. Interesting lesson.

The sentient boxes story is definitely horror or dark fantasy, which is such a huge departure for me. I have never written anything even close to this sort of thing. I have always thought that I could only write in my chosen genre. Who knew?

Please encourage all the other ROWers here.

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  1. Sentient boxes? That sounds terrifying. And makes me want to put a lock on our spare closet door (where there may also be sentient lamps; apparently, my apartment is where lamps go to die…)

    Good luck with the moving! At first, there’s always something so cathartic about packing, and then you’re just so sick of it and you want it DONE DONE DONE. I’ve found that the same goes for the unpacking process, so, again, best of luck!

    1. Oh, sentient lamps–hmm, there might be a way to work that into my horror story! Thank you for the encouragement, Laura. I am definitely at the “wanting it done, meaning done with the unpacking, too” stage. It helps slightly to think about where things will go, and that I will have a study for the first time since, oh, 1991, but I still want it done NOW, lol.

  2. I’m sorry you’re at that dreaded “end of the packing” hassles, but at least it IS the end. Or at least half at the end… But we’ll be happy to have you in Albany. And you’ve been getting some creative work done… You’re ahead of me.

    1. Thank you, Eden. I’m looking forward to getting settled in and getting into a new routine in Albany. We really punched it today, so we are about 97% packed, not counting the “must have in car boxes” of towels, sheets, coffee, the vital things in life, you know! 😉

      1. Well, I’m not sure I consider coffee vital, but I know of enough people who agree with me… Still, yeah, I know… there is always something that must linger until the last minute. At least you’re almost done feeding the boxes. Now, hopefully, when you get the beasties to their destination, they’ll surrender their dinner whole and undamaged, 😀

      2. Oh, let’s hope that everything survives the trip! The boxes in the horror story are not as nice, I fear! As for the coffee, my dear husband is such a grump without coffee, it’s pure survival, lol!

  3. Aaaaah, I agree with L.S.! Sentient boxes sounds both terrifying and brilliant, although I suppose it also reminds me of the 1980s Disney movie, “The Brave Little Toaster” (no sentient boxes, but there were sentient objects left behind when a family moved from one house to another).

    There definitely is irony is packing only to unpack, but it is awesome that this is making its way into your writing at the moment. Hang in there, my friend! You’re almost through with this stage of moving!

  4. Sentient boxes, wow, what a fascinating concept – there is a story there for sure. Makes me think of a character from the Johnny Phantom cartoon my kids used to watch: “I am the Box Ghost – fear me!”

    Tiny suggestion: If there are things neither you or your dear husband want to pack then just throw it out. If it makes it to Albany with you then it will be with you forever. Lesson learned through many moves in my younger years.

    I hope your move goes well. Best in all things, Elizabeth 🙂

    1. Oh man, I am getting such good ideas from these comments. Box ghost–I am afraid! Thank you for the suggestion about throwing things away. You are helping me overcome the resistance, since I do not want to carry cr*p 1200 miles just because I couldn’t face throwing it away. And thank you for the encouragement. 🙂

  5. A seasoned writer friend of mine says brainstorming is writing. Without how would you get a story or the imagination flow to set it on fire? You have a lot on you right now. I moved last August and kept my blog going but it was tough. It’s okay to lay it down for a few weeks. We’ll still be here. I will any way, I promise.

    1. Thank you, Ali. It does help to know that I can disappear without really disappearing from the community. I am looking forward to having a study, and hope that it will make writing a little easier to schedule. Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to “seeing” you in a couple of weeks.

  6. I’ve learned that there are times for us to stand back and take time out. I’ve been doing it too, post-op. I feel crappy about it, but its just gonna have to be this way till well, it’s not 🙂 Come back afresh and feel all the better for it.

  7. Good luck with the move – like you I prefer to not take unneeded stuff during a move. It feels good to not bring that extra clutter into a new space. I hope that all through this very hectic and chaotic week you’re able to find a few moments of personal time. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Marie! I’ve got a pile of things to give to neighbors, and the stuff that no one would want is getting tossed out. It is very freeing! I am hoping to sneak in some down time, too. 🙂

  8. Sentient boxes story? I must have missed that post. Boxes that pack and unpack themselves. Now that’s the futuristic moving company of the future. That is.. until they start packing up humans and.. *cough* umm, yeah. I better stop right there.

    1. Ah, Ryan, I had a dream about animate boxes. The more I thought, the scarier it became, until I have started a horror story about it. Oh yes, please do stop there–I’m scared already, lol! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank you, Karen! I could certainly use the force these days. I’m hoping that the unpacking will be a little more interesting in that I can plan my new nest, including a study (yippee!). I appreciate the encouraging words.

  9. Love that your life stress is stirring up interest to write in different genres! Awesome food for thought.

    I wish you much organization during your move. And some down time to write!

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Heather, for the good wishes. I have a strange muse, I think, although I have heard some other writers say the same–the busier they are, the happier their muse! Thankfully, I am am about 98% packed, whew! Now just to do it again on the other end, lol!

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