February 29 check-in Leaping Forward

Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement, because we are still packing the old place.  The furniture will be put on the truck tomorrow, and the caravan begins on Friday.  Woo-hoo!

I haven’t written in the past two days, without much of an excuse.  I have been exhausted, as things have come up with both sets of parents that have involved several long, daily phone calls to assisted living facilities managers, emergency room doctors, social workers, and siblings.  Having these talks at any time is awful; having them while we are trying to move is just enervating. I know it won’t really be any easier when I am more settled in the frozen north 😉 , but it will feel better.

So, not much of a check-in from me, I fear.  I will try to check-in on Sunday, although I will still be getting acquainted with my newest grandson, and may choose him over my laptop (imagine!) By Wednesday, we will have all the furniture in the new house, and boxes everywhere, but I will at least have a moment or two to check-in.

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And a slightly belated birthday wish to my Brigid, who turned 5 yesterday. Image

3 thoughts on “February 29 check-in Leaping Forward”

  1. The snow may all be gone by the time you get here. =)

    And Corki-dog turns 5 on Friday! He’s become quite the gentleman, of late…..

    Can’t wait to read your horror story about the boxes.

    1. Well, I do hope it is, Shan! I need a little bit of ramping up to face the full strength of northern winters, especially driving through it. It can snow all it likes starting Monday night, okay? LOL.

      Happy birthday to Corki-dog!

  2. Ha! Cute doggy 🙂 Don’t you worry about checking in – you’ve got a lot on your plate! Though – it’s wonderful to hear from you. I hope all things go smoothly for you. Be good to yourself, you’re taking on a lot of stressful things all at once, it gets overwhelming.
    We’re here for you!


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