March 14 checkin The deep versus the surface

I’m not convinced that it makes a whole lot of sense for me to check-in, but I think it’s worse not to show up, even if all I can say is “not much.”

The house is coming along slowly; we don’t quite have wireless yet as our router decided to go into the great beyond somewhere in Delaware.

I spent yesterday buying work clothes, which was difficult as I hate to go clothes shopping.  I was a full-blown anorexic as a teenager, and although I joke that I recovered far too well, the truth is that I never really recovered from the skewed self-image. I avoid mirrors, so trying on clothes in the three-sided mirror is torture.  My husband was along for some necessary cheerleading–he has a good eye for clothes that will flatter me, and is honest without being brutal about how things look.

I have a character that does not much like herself, so my muse was taking notes on how I was feeling through the several-hour process.  Something good needs to come out of it!  Seriously, I did get several good work outfits for my new management role, where I can’t dress as casually as I could in Florida.

I start work tomorrow, which has me rather nervous.  I am hoping to be able to use the test mile to work out some of that fear, which the logical part of me knows is unwarranted.

What I accomplished: I did manage a couple of days of journalling with the test mile.

What I learned: The anorexic is only dormant.  I have to find ways to get healthy and lose weight that do not bring the anorexic back to full tilt.  Several ROWers are doing some very good series on health, like Marcia Richards; I am also finding August McLaughlin‘s blog, especially her honest post on her own eating disorder, very helpful.

On a happy note, I met fellow ROWer Eden Mabee for tea and an indulgent pastry at a very dangerous shop in Albany.  It’s interesting to meet someone in person that one has known online for a while; there’s so much in common, and yet so many topics that don’t come up in the on-line writer community environment.  I had a lovely time, and garnered many good suggestions on everything from historical places to check out to good grocery stores.

It makes me think about Kait Nolan‘s post about not having any writers nearby.  I certainly felt much that way when I lived in Florida; I met C. M. Cipriani a couple of times, but we were the only writers I could find in the area.  I am looking forward to meeting more of the writers I have met online who live in the area.

Also, maybe by Sunday’s check-in, I will actually have done some writing!  It would be nice to come into the end of the Round with some writing, no?

Please go encourage the rest of the ROWers in the final stretch here.

12 thoughts on “March 14 checkin The deep versus the surface”

    1. Aw, thank you, Janet! It does help to hear that; I was somewhat surprised at how fiercely the self-esteem demon ranted through the clothes shopping. I had gotten used to living mirror-less like some old-fashioned vampire, lol. I appreciate your dropping by with encouragement.

  1. You’re right. It is important to check in, even if it’s just to say “Not much.”

    Tea with Eden sounds lovely! I interviewed her last week; she’s great! But what kind of “dangerous” shops sell pastries in Albany?!? lol!

    1. You’re right, Amy Beth–I always told people it was important to check in, so I had to take my own advice, didn’t I?

      Tea and pastry with Eden was very lovely, as was the walk along Lark Street and in a bit of Washington Park. She is great; I see that she gave the web address for the “dangerous” pastry shop in her comment.

      Thanks for coming by!

  2. Thank you for your lovely mention, Elizabeth (and for the link to Marcia Richard’s blog…). It was a lovely visit, and I’m glad I was able to share some pieces of joy with you.

    It’s extra interesting to read this in that light, since I would never have guessed that someone as fashionable and poised as you would have issues with diet and clothes shopping. As a friend says “You are stealth”. I have no doubt you will glow in your new post.

    (And Thank You too, Amy Beth! If you’re ever in the Albany, NY area… let’s do tea and cake: )

    1. You’re very welcome, Eden. I’m happy to point you to Marcia’s blog–she’s a historical fiction writer like me. I had a lovely time, too; we’ll have to do it again! I also appreciate the compliment about my poise; I’m an odd mixture of shy, uncertain introvert and confident Irish extrovert.

      Thank you for your kind, encouraging, words about the new day job. I’m looking forward to taking the plunge in the morning.

      (And Amy Beth, I wholeheartedly recommend Crisan’s–the food is awe-inspiring)

      1. We certainly should do it again… maybe even make it a “Welcome to Albany” ROW tradition for guests and visitors.

        Have a lovely day at work tomorrow, and tell us how things went on the Sunday check-in.

  3. Having writers nearby is so nice. I feel like forming a friendship and bond with my critique group members has helped me as a writer so much!

    I hope you are able to get a bit of writing done before the end of the week…and if not, that’s OK too! ROW80 is flexible and accounts for the not so productive weeks as well as the crazy productive ones! Good luck.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jessica. There are a fair number of ROWers in upstate New York, which is very exciting. I do love the flexibility of the ROW, but I do hope to get back into the daily test mile rhythm–I miss it!

  4. Elizabeth, we are soul sisters, for sure! “shy, uncertain introvert and Irish extrovert” Love it! I’m sorry you suffered with anorexia, and yes, part of the recovery is to find a way to stay healthy without going to those extremes. Also to know that the majority of anyone’s beauty is on the inside.

    Good luck tomorrow on the job! I know you’ll do well and you’ll look confident and professional in your new clothes, not to mention, gorgeous!

    Thanks for mentioning my blog, Elizabeth! *waving to Eden!* Hope to see you over there,Eden!

    1. It’s wonderful to meet a soul sister, Marcia! Part of my next Round goals will include figuring out a healthy path.

      Thanks for the good wishes for tomorrow!

      I’m happy to mention your blog, and glad to send Eden your way!

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