Check-in April 25 Sitting by the Fire

Well, folks, it has been a fast few days since the late Sunday evening check-in.  And hmm, progress has been spotty.  However, I have been sitting by the fire pit, musing with my characters.  It has been fun and somewhat productive; I am not exactly struggling with the writing, but with finding a balance.  I am working so hard at the day job that I am cooked linguini when I get home; the best I can do are mindless tasks like laundry and dishes.

I did one thing that seems to have worked well. I asked on the ROW80 Facebook page about starting a list of folks who want to have guest posts or who want to write guest posts.  There seemed to be a fair amount of interest, which was gratifying.  Soon, after writing two posts that I owe people already, I will get that list pulled together for everyone who was interested.

Finally, I think I am going to adjust my test mile to a time goal rather than a word-count goal.  I know myself, and I get way too involved in watching that number down in the toolbar change.  Also, I am at the point where I need to take my sparks out of the fire pit and build the structure around them.  I need to get to know my characters, outline my plot, tack down all the background, history, and research that I need to do.  My new test mile will be a half-hour a day.  I know it is a small goal, but I also know that even with a full house and a demanding day job, I can find a half-hour that is all mine.

What I have learned:  I can write anywhere.  I was very nervous about giving up my study.  I had both a warm-weather and a cold-weather place to write in Florida; I had pared down to one in New York, and now have none.  However, I have found that I can commune with my characters while sitting ten feet from the TV, grabbing fifteen minutes in the staff lounge, or waiting for a meeting to start.  I will eventually need my early morning uninterrupted time, which may prove difficult with two sons who are on vampire schedules, but it is a true breakthrough for me to grab moments when I can.  My next goal is to stop writing on stray pieces of paper–the amount of memorable prose that I have lost to recycling bins is utterly tragic!

I hope that everyone is finding ways to resolve their struggles.  Please support the ROW80 community by visiting and encouraging everyone here.

5 thoughts on “Check-in April 25 Sitting by the Fire”

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful week so far!! Knowing what you need to tackle is definitely half the battle, and you’re there!

    I too can write anywhere, but only if I have headphones. That drowns out everything! Have a lovely rest of the week 😀

  2. What a week you’ve had… sounds like joy, ecstacy and exhaustion! I’m glad to hear you’ve found yourself something of a rhythm (and that you can write anywere? I’m in awe. I cannot focus for anything without some complete immersion time).

    I did love your idea about the guest blogger “trade”. I would even be willing to help out with setting it up. This week didn’t work out for lunch, but maybe we could discuss the idea over coffees next week?

  3. Being able to write anywhere is quite freeing, as you say. This does seem to be a rather rough round for everyone; I have switched from time to word count. Go figure! And for what it’s worth, I do not think any of these goals are small just necessary.

    Hanging in there with you!

  4. I like to have an array of goals, so there are those I can work on in the swells and ebbs of our daily rhythm. There are some times I write through noise, or organize, and others when I save things for the calm overnight hours.

    Other times, like tomorrow afternoon, we go to Journey Through the Body at Colonie Center, and I don’t write.

    It still fills me up, and there will be pictures…… =)

    I simply loved this post. =)

  5. Thanks for reminding me about the Row80 FB page. I like the guest post idea and will hop on there and check it out.

    It’s my first time at your blog. I found you from the Row80 linky list. Nice meeting you. 🙂


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