ROW80 Check-in May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Well, I’m still off line. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the computer purchase has been pushed back a couple of weeks, so I’m concentrating on the positives. I do want to thank everyone who tried to find ways for me to “handwrite” on line; after looking into the possibilities, I don’t think they are for me. Thank you for the suggestions, though; they are very much appreciated.

The last week has been good in many ways, not least because of several great posts and links, for example:  Laura Drake on the Writers in the Storm site gave great advice from her work on her own site on this post. There are several points that will help me work on my author website, which has been neglected for some time. I am thinking of collapsing my Lapidary Prose blog with the author site, too.

On the day job front, I received a grant award to spend some time at the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York City for research on my dissertation. I’m excited.

I am enjoying my sons being home. I know that they will be very busy soon enough, so I am taking a lot of time with them.

What have I learned: I’ve learned a lot about my muse, who reminded me (with a virtual smack to the head) that I wrote on paper for years while computers were room-sized behemoths.

Also, Dame Eleanor Hull, who hosted the spring academic writing group, gave me a link to Dr Crazy’s post on research journals.  Why I never transmuted the idea of a story bible to my academic writing I cannot say, but it was with a lovely little click that the pieces fell together. I think that I have always strictly circumscribed the spheres the different kinds of writing inhabit, which, especially with historical fiction, is rather ridiculous. In short, several light bulbs went off in the recesses of the various writing closets, letting me see how close to each other they were.

I’m off to let my sick computer rest, and to enjoy the day with my boys, talk with my long distance girls, and just relax!  Please go encourage the other ROWers here

3 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in May 13, 2012”

  1. those links were very interesting – i do the journal bit only in much smaller way and use mind maps a lot within the notes and plans – mainly for fiction but for blogs as well such as the A-Z – hope the coming week goes well for you – keep smiling

  2. Elizabeth, I hope you get online soon. It’s awful to feel like you’re out of the loop. Thanks for mentioning Laura’s post on Writers in the Storm – wasn’t it FAB??!!

  3. Great news on the grant! *happy dancing*

    It’s odd though to hear you say you never thought of using the “story bible” as a “research journal”. Most people I’ve heard start out thinking the reverse when they start writing fiction.

    Have a great week, Elizabeth.

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