May 27th Check-in Beginning Again

The past few weeks that I have been without a home computer that worked for more than ten-fifteen minutes at a time have been very informative. In light of what I have learned, I am going to revisit my goals. I learned a lot about myself, not all of it good.

What I have learned: When I got the new day job, I was so relieved to be leaving the old day job that I tried to be Superemployee. Bad idea. The past few weeks I found myself eating lunch at my desk, never getting up to walk around outside in spite of the glorious weather, constantly on the go. I never stopped until I collapsed in the evenings like someone spiked my food with sedatives. Not taking care of myself caught up with me when I was making the bed a week ago and hit my leg on the metal bedframe. I fractured a bone, and now sport a very attractive walking boot; luckily it is black and goes with all my new professional attire.

I essentially dropped out of sight, although I did manage to meet Eden for a lovely concert at the Troy Music Hall last Sunday.

Right after my sons came home, my mother-in-law’s condo sold, so the fresh influx of stuff that was used for staging there descended on us. I am drowning in furniture, knick-knacks, paint chips, and housework. I read Lynette’s check-in this morning, and recognized myself in her description of her mad life.

My only goal, perhaps for the rest of the round, is to connect. I have not responded to comments, I have not posted check-ins. I have barely responded to posts, and gave up when the laptop rebooted and erased the comments I did manage to make. I’m done. I can’t do this alone, not anymore. Also, I don’t want to always be the one asking for help–I may not be able to help, but I want to try.

I don’t know whether I will make every check-in, but I am not going to work straight through the day at the day job. I want/need to be in contact; I want/need to pay it forward, if there is any way I can do that.

Please go encourage the rest of the ROWers. They are a fantastic bunch of folks.

6 thoughts on “May 27th Check-in Beginning Again”

  1. You’re being too hard on yourself. No-one else expects you to be super-woman, perfect in every way. Let go a bit; you’re wonderful as you are!

  2. I think a lot of us are a bit hard on ourselves and expect way more than others expect of us. Remember to breathe as you travel this incredible journey called life and do what makes you happy or at least what makes you smile.

    As for the influx of STUFF… I say have a yard sale and get rid of anything you don’t absolutely love and then do something wonderful for yourself with the earnings. Spa day anyone? 🙂


    1. Spa day sounds wonderful, Morgan! I spent several hours this morning preparing to sell/donate a lot of things–how freeing that was!

      I’ve started taking baby steps by writing a guest post, getting back into social media, replying to comments *blush*. It’s feeling good; I guess I needed the break.

      Have a lovely week!

  3. be kind to yourself – take care and swear in unladylike fashion at the machine:) you dont need to be superwoman shes a comic stip hero not a person, shes plastic, you are not – relax and enjoy this life:)

    1. Alberta, you always have such good advice! I think I needed a good cursing session and a break. I sometimes forget to let the well fill up again, but I’m now taking baby steps and enjoying it again. Have a great week!

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