June 3 check-in Guest Post and Baby Steps

The past week has been full of baby steps, but baby steps are far better than standing still. On Friday, Shan Jeniah posted my very first guest post, reminiscing about the years I stayed home with my sons, how I taught them and learned from them.

I also used my breaks at the day job to interact on Facebook, and a little bit on Twitter. I still need to reply to comments, which will take overcoming the embarrassment of having been away for so long. I have received some encouragement to do more with my author page on FB (thank you, Morgan Dragonwillow!), so I will be thinking of ways to enrich that page.

Also, based on Gene Lempp’s mention of Jeff Goins’ book, You Are a Writer, I bought it last week. Although I’ve not read much of it yet, I did print out a declaration that I am a writer, and pinned it to my cubicle wall near my computer at the day job. It’s another baby step, but a good one. I had been waffling around the writer persona thing for weeks. Even though I had proclaimed myself a writer at the beginning of the calendar year, the demands of the day job were making me think that I should shelve the whole thing until I retired. However, I’m not that close to retirement, and putting it off made me very sad (and according to my husband and sons, very cranky).

What I have learned: Being a writer is important to me. I know, duh, but hey, baby steps. Being part of a community is also very important to me, enough that it overcomes my natural reticence. I have a lot to learn, but I want to learn.

So, not much of a check-in, I fear.

I am hoping that I will be able to take some time to breathe, to think about the next baby steps, to continue to learn, and to enjoy the process. Please go encourage the rest of the ROWers here.

6 thoughts on “June 3 check-in Guest Post and Baby Steps”

  1. Sounds like you just did the “I quit week” cure! My friend Elizabeth Bear once recommended it to me as a great way of getting back into writing mode when being pounded by frustration. The idea being, after a week of no writing, you’re chomping at the bit to get back to it again. 🙂

    Good luck on finding a way to integrate writing into your life in a way that will work for you!

    1. Ruth, it seems that is exactly what I did. I missed writing so much, I was crazy (well, crazier) without it. And thank you for mentioning Elizabeth Bear–I’ve downloaded samples of her work, and will add some to my TBR list–um, wait, is that something I should thank you for, considering I have several of your books on my TBR list, too??

  2. Baby steps equal motion and that is all that is required. Distance happens on its own. Keep taking those small steps and one day you’ll find yourself at the place you want to be. Congrats on the guest post, that is actually a pretty big step.

    Have a great coming week, Elizabeth 🙂

    1. Thank you, Gene. The guest post was a bit unnerving, but it felt good to do. I’ve continued the baby steps, so I’ve kept moving. I just saw your post about taking a break–hope all goes well.

  3. Baby steps are great! I’m having trouble keeping up with things myself lately so know how much we must be proud of the little things we do, every step counts, keep it up! 😀

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