July 8th Check-in Tortoise two-step

This week has continued the retrenchment of last week, with the only working computer needing to be used for my son’s classwork, but lack of technology is ceasing to be a good excuse.  And yes, it is still rather hot in upstate New York, but that really isn’t an excuse either.  I was in simmering phase last week, which isn’t bad, except when I try to measure my steps toward the goals.

The thinking is good; even the writing in longhand is good, in many ways.  I’m getting to know the characters slowly, and beginning to build the worlds more fully. It will be a short check-in, because the vampires are stirring.

Writing: Although I have more notes than finished product, I did continue work on the post on how words hurt. I also began a post answering the 11 questions meme that has been making the rounds.  I hope to get those posts done this week. There’s also been a lot of character and world musing and noting, which is fun, even if it doesn’t always result in strung-together words on the page.

I’m still thinking about the pros and cons of collapsing all my blogs into the website.  This one and Lapidary Prose have  distinct voices, but that leaves the main website as a bit fragmented.

Community: I’m a bit late on replying to comments, but I do manage to catch up within a day or two. I want to work on improving this lag time.

Exercise: I’ve bolstered the walking with good nutrition and hydration, at least at home.  Now I need to work on eating better and staying hydrated at work.

Personal: I’m getting slowly better at responding on FB, but not where I want to be on Twitter or other platforms yet.  More to work on, but that is the point of goals, right? 😉

I’m off to sit in front of the fan, so please visit some ROWers who can be found here.

8 thoughts on “July 8th Check-in Tortoise two-step”

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I don’t know how anyone can work in the heat! At the moment we’re in the dead of winter where I am in Australia, so I’m not working brilliantly well in the cold. 🙂 It’s great to see you moving forward and getting notes down. I agree with your concern that putting the blogs on the web site could fragment it. I find my WordPress blog gets catalogued by the search engines much, much quicker than changes to my site and the traffic is good. That could be food for thought.

    Keep at it, look after yourself (as you already are) and enjoy the journey! I hope it’s a profitable one for you.

    Cate (ROW80)

    1. Hi Cate. It’s lovely to meet you. Thank you for the opinion on putting the blogs on the website–I’m tempted by linking to them in some way from the website rather than mashing all of it together, not that I’m even sure that is possible 😉

      I hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you for dropping by.

  2. Oh, isn’t this heat awful? We had some 105 degree days that were unbearable. We’re supposed to get a little relief this week.

    If I were you, I would try to get everything on one website. I tried maintaining a separate website from my blog, and it was pointless. I ended up making my blog into my website. I’m way too busy to try to keep up with so many things, and I have a feeling it’s the same for you. That’s why I don’t join every social network that pops up. LOL

    I think you’re doing great, so keep up the good work.

    1. Yes, the heat was awful, Lauralynn! It’s moderated a little bit up here too, thank goodness. I appreciate your opinion on putting all the blogs on one website. I am rather busy, and it doesn’t look like it is going to let up anytime soon!

      Thanks for the encouragement. I am thinking a lot, so that should count for something, right? LOL

  3. I just went through that decision process about consolidating my blogs into my website. It’s a tough choice–good luck! It sounds like you’re easing up on your goals, so that’s great. Slow and steady, right? Have a great week!

  4. Getting to know characters and build worlds are both so important, so it sounds like a productive check in to me. I struggle constantly with my blog concepts (mine is based off my first book and I have two more I’m working on, so need to move it to more of a general author blog, but then my FB is under the book title, too…eek!), so good look with consolidating.

    I’m late checking in so I’ll be back to check out more updating after tomorrow’s post. 😉

    1. Thanks, Tia. I think it’s going well with thinking through the worlds and characters. It just may take a while before it translates into words, but that’s okay. I’m still working through the blog consolidation. It’s tougher than I thought. I hope you’ve had a good week–have a great weekend!

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