July 11th Check-in Sleep-deprived but still moving

Today was one of those days, when it seems prudent to crawl back into bed.  I tossed and turned last night, finally resorting to one of my surefire insomnia fixes, a shower, at 3am.  It worked, a bit too well, actually, as I slept through/turned off the alarm at 5am. I woke up at 8:30am, with my still-damp hair deciding to model Frankenstein’s bride, without the white streak, but close.  The day job is continuing the trend of just being a little too late and a little too disorganized, frizzy hair flapping in the wind as I rush about.

So, breathe. I’m still in simmering phase.  Again, it isn’t a bad thing, but it’s so dang unmeasurable.

Writing: I did start pulling together notes for some scenes, and writing some key moments, so those baby steps are going well.  I’m not up to a page a day on each of the WIPs, but it’s still a good goal.

I also received a blog award from J Keller Ford, (thank you, Jenny!) which I need to post.  I have been working on answering the questions. I write in order to concentrate on other people, not me, so I find these questions difficult, but worthwhile.  I will marshal on.   So now I have three blog posts simmering away; I hope that I can get some of them polished before the next check-in.

I’ve been reading about blogging and author platforms the last few days, and have inched closer to making a decision about what to do.

Community: I’m better at replying to comments, and I am doing better at commenting on other’s blogs.  Twitter has fallen by the wayside, sadly.  I need to figure out a schedule that doesn’t make me sound like a bot or a pest.

Exercise: I’m eating better at work, which requires more planning than I like.  It’s a good thing that most of the food court at the student union is closed for the summer, as I shouldn’t be eating that stuff anyway, but it makes crazy days like today difficult.  Time to cut up veggies for lunch–I think not!  The next goal is hydration.

Personal: I was in contact with some of the family and friends that I’ve neglected the past few weeks, so that was good.  I find that FB can be a black hole, scooping me into its dark embrace, but I’m trying to find the balance there. I need to go back into Triberr to see if I can find my way through the maze, but not yet.  I need to gather provisions for that trek!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Please encourage some ROWers who can be found here.

6 thoughts on “July 11th Check-in Sleep-deprived but still moving”

  1. Slowly and steady always wins. 🙂 I think your baby steps are just fine.

    I noticed you mentioned Triberr. Okay, then there’s Pinterest, and Google +, and…and… Do you see how many social media networks there are? We can’t do them all! And I really don’t like Facebook. I don’t think I’m even going to consider Triberr. I just don’t have the time to do all these, and I wonder if it really helps our writing business at all. I would love to see statistics on that. But I said all that to say this…make sure you don’t overextend yourself because of things you think you’re SUPPOSED to do. I’ve stopped worrying about all that. Do what you can. And write.

    1. Thanks for the sage advice, Lauralynn. I have tried in the past to keep up with everything, and I just can’t. I am going to frame your last two sentences–do what you can. And write. Very, very good advice. I hope you have a lovely weekend. 🙂

  2. Aww I was thinking exactly what Lauralynn said. Only do the ones you like. I LOVE twitter (maybe a little too much) so I’m on it all the time. My home and work computer have apps for it, as does my phone..and even my Nook. I loathe facebook lol, so I sign in about once every six months. You only have so much time to devote to these things, and I don’t see the point of spending time on it if you’re not actually enjoying that time. Lots of love for the rest of this week!

    1. Lauren, you’ve made a very good point. Even if it does help our platform, if it isn’t fun, is it really worth it? I hope you’re getting settled in–I’m still opening boxes *blush*. Lots of love back atcha.

  3. I’ve still hesitated to jump into Triberr much. I am simply overwhelmed by the options: Twitter, FB, SheWrites, Google+. Especially since I want to keep up with all my ROW80 pals week to week as well.

    I’ve stepped back a bit from my blog. I’m sad to do it (I had built it up quite a bit with several challenges in a row and being a ROW80 sponsor for two rounds), but my writing was suffering.

    It sounds like you are finding your way, which in an odd way really does help me find mine, so thanks for always being so honest and real. Hugs. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you, Tia. It also helps me to see what you are doing, so I’m glad I can help you! I’ve found that pretending things are going great just backfires for me. The ROWers are so wonderful, non-judgmental and helpful, it makes it easier to come clean.

      I’m still working on the balance between social media and writing. I’ve neglected my blogs, except for checking in, and often feel guilty about that, but I really do feel that it is more important to write my wips. Hugs to you, and have a wonderful week!

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