July 15th Check-in Swimming in Ideas

After a very busy week, I found myself in one of those spaces where everything I saw or read germinated ideas.  I have been writing scene outlines, madly recreating dreams when I wake up, and taking notes on every blog I read for reaction, elucidation, and just general ideas swirling down like snowflakes from the sodden sky that was my week. If I were younger and more svelte (I always wanted to be svelte), I’d be doing an Irish jig. I’ve settled for writing till my hand cramps (not a complaint). I owe a blog award post and an 11 questions post, which are simmering.

Writing: I finally got the power of words post done and on my author site yesterday.  I’ve been writing a lot for the day job.  I know that isn’t one of my goals, but I can tell that some of it transfers to creative work in keeping the well flowing, which is good.

I also finally set up a writing place on my front porch, which makes me very happy.  During the summer, it is cool and yet light enough in the early morning to work out there.  I know I won’t get year-round use up here, but it will be nice while it lasts.

I have been reading a lot, too; no craft books as yet, since I have to go dig them out of the garage.  There are several “OPEN FIRST” boxes out there–you see how well that worked! It has been helpful to read and analyze what I am reading. I don’t think I’ll try full-blown reviews, but I do want to annotate them, at least on Goodreads.

Community: I’ve been active on FB and a little better on Twitter.  I got some thought-provoking comments on my last check-in, where Lauralynn and Lauren questioned the need to be active on all the social media that is springing up.  I do feel sometimes as though I’m in a marathon dance, trying to thread my way through so many different sources.  Lauralynn pointed out that I should just write, which is pretty darn good advice. After all, if I have nothing written, does it really matter how good my platform may be?

Friends and family: Holding my own on these fronts.  I want to be in better touch with several people, but I may just have to be patient and keep taking my baby steps.

Personal:  I am not getting as much exercise or sleep as I need.  I have some small steps planned that may help.  Stay tuned!

Welcome to some new followers: Tia Bach, Texana’s Kitchen, This is Gary, Lady Romp, Sergioproxvost, Dr. Shin 

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5 thoughts on “July 15th Check-in Swimming in Ideas”

  1. I feel the same way about having a platform but not having something to publish so I have backed off on some of it to concentrate on my writing. Sounds like you are doing well, great job!

    1. Thanks, Morgan! It is a balancing act, but it started to feel weird to put all this time into promoting . . . what? My scribbled manuscripts from earlier years? Even worse, my academic articles? (Nooooooooooo!) Have a lovely week, Morgan. 🙂

  2. I do twitter and facebook but not the picture thing or quora etc – not enough time and I’m retired – I get very restless if I can’t write every day:( so that always comes first which is why sometimes I get behind on the social scene – if we are writers that is what must come first.

    all the best for coming week and enjoy your new workplace – sound great:)

  3. Crazy to be listed as a new follower… I’ve been following you so long and checking here I was shocked to realize I had never officially done it. Eek!

    I commented on your last post, but I’m with you… what’s all this social media for if it distracts from our writing?!?

    1. It was a little surprising to see you as a new follower 🙂 I’ve tried to follow you, but Blogger just doesn’t like me, and I’m reluctant to resurrect my moribund blogger blog by signing into it as a user, lol.

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