July 18th Just keeping on

Not much has changed in the past several days.  Work continues to be crazy busy; despite that, I am still in a snowstorm of ideas.  Many of them are blog post ideas, but I’ll take those, thank you. 

My day job takes a lot of thinking, and I find it just wrings me out.  I admire folks who can write after work, but that doesn’t seem to work for me.  I do  mindless housework until the vampires come home from classes, and then talk to them till way past my bedtime, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Writing: I’m still writing and polishing the blog award post and an 11 questions post. I now have a list of about twenty post ideas that are in queue.  I try to see that as a positive, and not let the inner critic whisper to me about being behind.

 I have still been reading a lot.

Community: I’ve been active on FB and slightly better on Twitter.  

Friends and family: Still taking my baby steps. I have made some “dates” with each of my vampire sons for this weekend, just one-on-one son and mother time.  

Personal:  I am walking a little bit more often, but sleep continues to elude me.  I wish I could write or plan or conquer the world when I can’t sleep.  At least I think a lot, and do write down as much as I can.

There is a long list of ROWers here who could use your encouragement!

5 thoughts on “July 18th Just keeping on”

  1. OK, first LOL on the vampire son comment. But yay for making important family and friends dates!

    I hear ya on the part about not getting much sleep. My chiropractor even made me buy an orthopedic pillow. Must get better at doing my core stretches.

    Look forward to your next blog posts!

    1. Thanks, Jess. It is really weird to get up at 5 to find both sons awake, only to have them go to bed before I get ready for work at 7!

      I swear by my orthopedic pillow, but I need to get back to the core exercises, too. I found one thing was that it isn’t cooling off enough at night here, so I’m sleeping better now that the heat wave has diminished up here.

      I’m still working on the blog posts (I’m sooo bad!) 😦

  2. How old are your sons?

    I’m sorry you’re not getting enough sleep. My sleep is sporadic…some nights I sleep like a baby, other night…not so much. Have you tried taking melatonin? I take it when I’m having a long period of sleeping problems. The only downside is it makes me sleep really hard, so it’s harder to get up in the mornings sometimes.

    1. Lauralynn, my sons are 19 and 20; one is taking night courses, so I think things will even out when they both are in college full-time in the fall (I hope!)

      I found out it wasn’t cooling off enough at night to help me sleep, but the heat wave has moderated here, thank goodness! I have tried melatonin, but when I stay up late talking to the boys, it’s too late for me to take it and manage to get up in the morning–my fault, I know!

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