September 9 Check-in Pinfeathers

Following on my earlier check-in about trying to soar instead of inching along, I do believe I am growing pinfeathers. I have made significant strides in the past few days.

Last week marked the beginning of another round of the academic writing group.  Most of the participants are teaching faculty or dissertation writers, but there are a handful of us full-time day job people. I realized while working on my article last Friday that although it is different writing, the research for it is forming the infrastructure of my novel.

For example, my antagonist is something I’ve studied for years.  It struck me that he (somehow, he is not an ‘it”) wouldn’t let a mere woman interview him, which works beautifully in the structure of my novel. The synergy between the scholarship and the creative writing is very exciting.

To begin work on my author blog, I am now trolling through the picture debacle.  I want to put pictures on the posts, but am woefully lacking in that skillset. Luddite that I am, I have actually had several pictures disappear between my phone and my computer. Sigh.

I am slowly working through my many drafts of blog posts.  I posted my answer to the Eleven Questions meme today, and have another long-overdue post scheduled for tomorrow.

I have continued my hour a day on the fiction–writing or planning, letting ideas simmer. I am going to endeavor to add an hour a day for the scholarship, especially the parts that dovetail with the novel.

Thursday and Friday, I  organized and filed at the day job.  It is sooo not fun, but the clear desk and concomitant clear mind helps me function.

I have walked 5,000 steps every day but Friday, which was only 3,000. We found out that our Weimaraner does not have a thyroid problem, so he and I need to up the exercise.

My next target is social media.  I find myself spending far too much time on FB, and if I wrench myself out of that gravitational pull, I often go “check” Twitter, to end up there for an hour,  All of you need to be far less interesting, okay? 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful, productive, fascinating, exciting week. As Kait said, the end of the round is nigh (love that word!).  Take a few minutes to encourage the marathoners who are still posting their links here.


  • I will write at least one hour a day. Yes, with bells on.

  • I will continue to refine my main author blog, which may involve combining the Lapidary Prose blog with Elizabeth Anne Mitchell. Figuring out what to do about pictures, and trying to attain better skills.


  • As I’ve returned to being a sponsor, I will visit all my 8’s twice a week. This has become a habit.  It may take me 24 hours, but I do get there.

  • I will catch up with Facebook, Twitter, and my other sites for no more than an hour daily. I have been overdoing this goal, and need to work on backing off.

  • I will reply to all comments on my blogs. I am keeping up with comments, most of them within 12 hours.


  • Walk at least 1,000 steps a day, preferably 2,000, tracked by a pedometer. I got 5,000 steps 6 out of 7 days, and 3,000 the 7th.

  • Use the stairs going upstairs; if I want to, I can cheat going downstairs. It’s definitely a habit now.


  • I have let many dear friends fall off my radar these past few months.  I will stay in contact with the group daily, if only briefly, and weekly individually. Fail at the individual contacts. 

  • I will stay in better touch with my daughters on Facebook or by phone.  My sons are back home, so my only trouble connecting with them is that they have vampire schedules.  Not so great the past few days.  I’m going to spend several hours watching football after I post this check-in, though.

10 thoughts on “September 9 Check-in Pinfeathers”

    1. Lauralynn, I so appreciate your encouragement and hugs. I do feel as though I am learning everyday, getting more efficient and focussed. Soon I’ll be able to fly further than the nearby bushes. 😉

      Have a wonderful week, and *hugs* back!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I certainly felt I’d had so many things sift through my grasp a few weeks ago, so I’m surprised that things are gelling and forming around me now. I don’t know that I am that much of an example, but if you run into problems, I’ll be glad to help.

  1. Filing things away can be so boring but how nice to have everything squared away! I am glad you are making strides and fingers crossed you have a wonderful week.

    Thank you for your comment over and my place 🙂

    1. Yes, Em, it’s one of those jobs that one hates while doing it, but is so happy it’s done. I’m so pleased that things are finally falling together, and I hope they remain so! Thank you for stopping by to offer such kind words of encouragement.

  2. I know the feeling of things seeming to be headed in all directions, tangled and unstoppable – and then, all at once, it all seems to unravel itself into a sinuous, perfect whole….

    I love that you are growing pinfeathers, and preparing to soar…

    As for the getting together with friends thing, I have been abysmal at that all summer, beyond the scheduled activities and events…even then, to some extent. A dear friend who lives a state away was next door at the conference – with a connecting door, no less! – and, on the evening of the third day, she came to ask if we could go get coffee, because we had had no time to just chat!

    It also seems that we were planning to meet at the bookstore, and i totally dropped the ball on that one…maybe in the next week or three? =)

    I love stopping by to see what you are up to – there is such calm, clear energy here.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Shan. I know your summer has been busy, and that you have recently lost Margot the Manx. Our pets easily become part of the family–I’m sorry for all of you.

      Thank you also for the words of encouragement; your image of things untangling into a fluid mass at one’s feet is exactly what I’m feeling, even though life continues to be busy. I can sometimes feel the calm energy, so I’m glad you find it here.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who has had trouble getting together with friends; I’d love to meet at the bookstore.

      1. Sometimes, busy is just what is needed….I seriously revised my goals, and now I am getting to that feeling, too…

        Let’s try to get together during the between-rounds break!

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