ROW80 check-in Back to the basics

I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t checked-in for the last three check-ins.  I was knee-deep in a conference  over this past weekend, which was exhausting and wonderful all at once.  It followed a week of not so great medical news, with each test seeming to bring back worse results.  So, bluntly, I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself.

I have been reading and commenting on blogs, several of which have inspired me to write posts in response, but all the responses are in outline, note, or even graphic, form.  I am no artist, so trust me, those last are truly not ready for primetime.

During my hiatus, my inspirational post appeared on the ROW80 blog, and I did finish and send off a guest post for Cate Russell-Cole.  Trust me, I will alert everyone when that is posted.

I am still in the gathering, planning, and synthesizing stage of many projects, and at the moment I am all right with that.

How is everyone doing on their goals?  If you need help, sing out.  And, if your goals are coming along well, reach out to encourage someone else here.

5 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in Back to the basics”

  1. Elizabeth,

    Hope the medical issues are easily dealt with. If you actually have responses in some form to the posts that inspire you, you are ahead of me – most often, I don’t get past the thinking of how I would respond phase. That’s something I am working on, long-term (it might get easier as the children get older, and I have longer stretches of writing time during the daytime.)

    I feel like I will be absorbing the conference for quite some time, and I know it’s already shifted the way I see myself and my writing!

    And, in a couple of hours, I will be seeing you. =)

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