ROW80 Check-in Glass Half Full

This week, I’m concentrating on the half-full glass.

I’ve struggled with several issues this week. First, the cool, rainy weather is sheer torture on my assorted broken bones, making me grouchy and lazy.

Second, work this past week was like those nights with a newborn (those of you without kids, think puppy)–it feels like only seconds since Morpheus wrapped his downy arms about you when the baby cries, or the puppy howls, and you wake with pillowcase wrinkles on your cheek and red eyes worthy of an Undead.

I’m already not sleeping well, so the scattering of my tightly-held concentration felt like, well, the Universe piling on, to be honest.

I wrestle with the whole open door policy thing,  Once someone has come to the opening in one’s cubicle to ask if it’s a good time, the words are spinning down the virtual drain already.  I like to stay on top of things, and like to think I’m a good manager, but I have to admit that I sometimes wish my Fortress of Solitude was handy.  Not that I’m anything like Superman, mind you, but sometimes I need to be alone to tease words onto the page, figure out statistics, write annual reports and other fun pursuits.


One hour three times.  Well, yes, huzzah and all that. It was more editing than writing, as I was filling in holes in an article I need to keep on my radar, but I’ll take it.


Visit my assigned blogs twice a week– I am slightly behind, but have time carved out tomorrow for catching up.

Reply to all comments–No, but have time tomorrow dedicated to getting up to date.

One non-blog related posts on Facebook or Twitter–This goal keeps falling off the radar, so I’m cutting it out.  I’ll try again next Round.  


One hour three times a week at home going through paper detritus of modern life. I spent 7 hours this week taming the paper monster.  I feel lightened beyond belief.

One hour three times a week going through electronic files–rename, delete, archive. I exceeded this goal this week as well, by spending 6 hours on electronic files.  My hard drive just glistens!


Walk. Seriously. 30 minutes a day. I continued to manage three days a week despite my shoulder and the right foot acting up.  

Follow-up on all the health issues.  I’m just waiting right now, sigh.

Family day, no working and time with family, one day per week. Yes, I spent all of Saturday with my family.


Update Goodreads at least every other week. This goal keeps falling off my radar.  I’m shelving it until next Round.

List and report on what I’m reading, even the dry, academic stuff. I promised a list last Wednesday, so here it is a few days late:

Red Mojo Mama, Kathy Lynn Hall

In Her Shadow, August McLaughlin

Time’s Echo, Pamela Hartshorne

Out of the Ashes, Lori Dillon

The Silent Touch of Shadows, Christina Courtenay

Fire of the Dragon, Lori Dillon

Not Quite Dating, Catherine Bybee

Not Quite Mine, Catherine Bybee

With the exception of August’s book, the reading has been light, but I needed that.  The next list will be academic, probably, with some fiction leavening it if I’m lucky.

Please go encourage the other ROWers here.


10 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in Glass Half Full”

  1. Sorry to hear that work has been so crazy for you, hopefully it might calm down soon! I think you’ve done great this week. As you said – better to focus on the glass half-full stuff than the half-empty!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Emily. I enjoy my job for the most part, but it has its weeks when I dream of the secluded cabin in the Adirondacks! 🙂

      I am still concentrating on the half-full glass, and think it is the only way to go!

  2. Sitting here, still shivering because we finally got the furnace going and thinking “Wow! I really have nothing to complain about”. Having had broken bones now, I know how hard it can be to deal with that steady, draining pain. I’m sorry you are hurting.

    The work thing… Well, You could always make a sign for your door/cubicle that lists a “I am not available for 10 minutes each hour unless the building is on fire” (needs refinement, but you get the idea). I’ve had to do that with the Boodle… He hasn’t nursed for years, but he still has that talent for allowing me just a second to become engrossed in some project before saying (out of the blue) “You know what, Mom?”

    As for sleep… I still sleep like that. Very light sleeper here. 😦

    Now as far as actual goals…. I think you’re doing pretty darned good given the set-backs. I wish I could say my hard drive glistened… Mine looks more like the beach after the tide went out the week of an oil spill.

    I hope you feel better soon, Elizabeth. Rest up and give yourself some kudos.

    Maybe if you bribe Morpheus with cookies he’ll let you sleep longer….

    1. I love your reply, Eden. Spot on!
      I’m recovering from an auto accident. No broken bones, but I’ve learned first hand how much pain can drain energy. Hopefully, the weather will improve and you will, too, so that the pain diminishes and fades to nothing.

      1. Thanks, Ann. And may you find relief daily as well. We all need a little extra comfort… a little extra compassion for ourselves and our human-ness (the word humanity didn’t quite fit here given its connotations).

        It’s going to get warm again soon. According to the weather reports, we’re looking forward to doing in the 80s by Wednesday or Thursday. We’re in the low 30s tonight. We just finished a drought with heavy tree-dropping winds and thunderstorms….

        The skies are active and dynamic. Maybe we’re resting up because Nature needed some energy from us. Fair enough…. we take so much from her.

      2. Ann, I’m sorry to hear that you are in pain from the accident. I hope you are feeling better. I’m doing better in the warmer weather, although New York’s near miss with Andrea has left me feeling the cold and humidity today.

        Thanks for stopping by, Ann.

    2. Man, Eden, that cold snap was brutal here, wasn’t it? The cooler rain today has been hard on the bones, as well, but I decided I could be kind to myself, take something for the pain, and just relax when I needed to do so.

      Your story about the Boodle sure took me back to that age with my sons. They still wander in five minutes before a favorite show ends to talk about something! I like your sign idea–I’ve started walking around for a few minutes every hour to get away from the computer, with the added benefit that I can do some planning and organizing.

      I’m very proud of my hard drive–I have gotten out a shovel and am working on my email at work–Augean stables indeed!

      Thanks for the good wishes, Eden. And the suggestion of cookies for Morpheus–there’s a thought!

  3. I admire your ability to let goals go that just aren’t working for you right now. One of my goals this round is “Try to stop trying to do too much,” so I could learn a lesson there.

    I too have gotten behind in my sponsor duties this week. Again. Which is why I’m commenting on your Sunday post on Friday. I blame the Internet. Always blame the Internet. Obviously has nothing to do with the fact that I try to do too much. Clearly not. ;*)

    Hope you are steadily improving.

    1. And it’s taken me over a week to reply to your comment, Sione, but I’m getting better. I often try to take on too much; I also compare myself far too much–to all those doing NaNo or JuNo, or Fast Draft. Not to sound like Popeye, but I am who I am, and must constantly remind myself that is okay.

      I will definitely blame the Internet! Have a great week, Sione.

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