ROW80 Check-in Retrenching

Last week was not productive, but I’m trying not to feel guilty.  I had to reschedule a lot of day job things due to my mother-in-law’s funeral, and they all came home to roost this past week.  I found myself intellectually drained, sleeping a lot, and doing nothing more than reading when I could stay awake.

I have been putting up funny dog videos on my main blog, which you might enjoy, but they don’t really count as posts.

One hour writing the academic article du jour every day. No. I spent two hours working out a schedule that has some chance of becoming a habit, I hope.

Morning Pages three times a week. Despite my hope, nothing has been written down.  I feel I’m closer, but not there yet.

As a sponsor, I will visit my assigned blogs twice a week. Sad to say, I read all of the blog posts, but found myself unable to leaving  comments, feeling I had no wise words to give.  I have scheduled some time this week, and hope to catch up.

I will reply to all comments on my blogs within 2 days. See above.  Sadly, I’m adrift, but I hope to pick up the oars this week.

One non-blog related post per week on Facebook and Twitter. Nope.

One share, re-tweet, whatnot per week on Facebook and Twitter. Nope.

One hour three times a week going through electronic files–rename, delete, archive. Yes, one thing I got done.  Luckily, one can do this without any visible thought.

Walk 10 minutes a day. I don’t know why it took me forever to figure this out, but I walk ten minutes from my parking space to my office twice a day.  D’oh!  I will try to add another ten minutes sometime during the day. My husband and I walked to a local restaurant on Saturday, so that was about ten minutes each way.

Family day, no working and time with family, one day per week.  Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, so it was a good opportunity to make it a family day.  We didn’t do a lot, other than go out to dinner, mentioned above, but it was a welcome break.

Update Goodreads with one title each week. Maybe later this week–I got a new phone, so I do now have the app on that, and that may help with this goal. I read several works by ROW80 and WANA authors, so I want to support them with reviews.

List and report on what I’m reading at one check-in a week.

Forged by Magic: Origins, Angela Orlowski-Peart

Brighid’s Cross, Cate Morgan

By Possession, Madeline Hunter

By Arrangement, Madeline Hunter

The Sins of the Father, C. B. Hunley

And samples:

Devil’s Dime, Bailey Bristol

Maiden Flight, Vita Tugwell

As always, please visit and encourage other ROWers.  It is a wonderful community. Go see for yourself here.

14 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in Retrenching”

  1. Don’t push yourself too hard, let yourself find steady footing again. Eventually it will all fall into place and the creativity and energy will be back. But right now it sounds as if you just need to be kind to yourself and rest. ~hugs~

    1. Thank you, Tanja. I am so used to retreating within myself and hiding, I’m very bad at taking care of myself, especially at reaching out when I need to do so. I’m slowly working on that, though.

  2. Elizabeth, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Don’t be too hard on yourself; I’m sure you need the space for regain your emotional and mental equilibrium. I think you’re making good progress, all things considered. 😀

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you, Lena. As Shan said in her comment, I need to be patient with myself–something I am not good at doing. I am trying to keep up with some things, fearing that I will never get out of the rut if I give up everything.

  3. When you lose someone you love and your family is broken, even just a little bit, by this loss, you’re going to need some downtime. It’s understandable. I am sorry you are going through this, hon. Many hugs.

    1. Thanks, Eden. I didn’t expect to be set back this much, but as these things often are, it’s complicated. My mother-in-law’s dementia was much the same as my mother’s, so in a way, I am mourning both.

      1. Mourning both and trying to pick up pieces that are scattered to the mind’s turbulence… I can image though I haven’t experienced it before.

        Much love.

  4. Sometimes you need time, especially after a loss. Sending you a hug.

    I keep hearing people talk about Morning pages… I hate to sound dense, but does that just mean you write in the morning for a specified period of time? I’m such a night writer, but I am struggling from lack of sleep. Thinking about trying out some morning writing time.

    1. Not dense at all, Tia. Julia Cameron wrote The Artist’s Way many years ago. As a way to reach one’s creativity, she suggests writing two to three pages of whatever comes to mind right after awakening. She calls those morning pages.

      I bet the change of time zones is wreaking havoc with your sleep. It might help to try the write morning pages, but then, it often doesn’t work for those who write at night. You mentioned Eden’s inspirational post on 5 sentences–it is a fantastic suggestion, and one I want to try.

  5. Elizabeth,

    Grief has its own schedule. Be sweet and patient with yourself, and things will come together in their own time.

    It sounds like you are doing well,all things considered.

    May you find the peaceful place up ahead.

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