ROW80 Check-in Baby Turtle Steps

There are times in the day job where circumstances create a perfect storm. Last week was one of those. I will rant about that in another post–let me merely say here that all the managers in a company ought to be taught the same words for things.  Sigh.

One hour writing the academic article du jour every day. It worked out to be only about three hours, but I’ll take it.  I met with my co-author, we assigned ourselves homework , scheduled a weekly meeting, and promised each other to slog through the article as quickly as possible.

Morning Pages three times a week. I did write a bit this week; again, not three times, but twice, and I’ll take it.  Tia Bach asked what morning pages are–an excellent question.  Julia Cameron, in The Artist’s Way, suggests just writing about anything for two to three pages first thing upon awakening.  Her thought is such writing will foster creativity; I find it helps me leach out any poisons circulating in the system.

As a sponsor, I will visit my assigned blogs twice a week. I read all my assigned posts; I find it difficult to say anything of substance, but I will keep trying.

I will reply to all comments on my blogs within 2 days. I actually responded to all the comments on my last post.  A slow start indeed, but a baby step. My sponsor post comes out tomorrow, and I am scheduling some time to reply to any comments on it.

One non-blog related post per week on Facebook and Twitter. Nope.

One share, re-tweet, whatnot per week on Facebook and Twitter. Nope.

One hour three times a week going through electronic files–rename, delete, archive. Only one hour, but still something..

Walk 10 minutes a day. I found out my new phone has a step-counting app on it.  I’m looking forward to using it during the work week. My husband and I walked to a local restaurant on Saturday, which was 7/10ths of a mile each way.

Family day, no working and time with family, one day per week.  Yesterday, I went through the mail, which had been piling up, and various other piles of paper clutter in the house.  The hubby and I talked while going through the mess, and celebrated by going out to dinner.

Update Goodreads with one title each week. I hope to get to this later this week.

List and report on what I’m reading at one check-in a week.  I am running late on this check-in, so I will do this on Wednesday.

As always, please visit and encourage other ROWers.  It is a wonderful community. Go see for yourself here.

5 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in Baby Turtle Steps”

  1. You call it baby steps… I call it progress. It is, you know. Sometimes progress involves accepting that we’re not going to achieve our goals. We don’t all need the same thing at the same time either… Right now, it sounds like you need to focus on the academic paper with your co-writer. (just store stuff for future fiction…)

    I never remember to update my Goodreads book info either… :-/

  2. Elizabeth,

    I agree with Eden. Progress is progress. Sometimes it’s a sprint, and there are fireworks at the end.

    Sometimes it’s a marathon, and you go miles without feeling you’re getting anywhere, and without seeing the water station….

    You’ve moving. It’s not a sprint, and there aren’t cheering crowds….but you are moving.

    And that is more than many people do.

    Much love, and, even if you can’t hear it, know that I am cheering you on.

    I also wanted to mention your commenting struggle. I’ve been just where you are. it helped when I loosened up my idea of what a comment should be, and thought of it as chatting a moment with the poster. that may or may not help, but, if we were chatting over coffee, it’s what I would say to you, so there it is. -=)

  3. The best thing I can say/do is this {hug} I hope this week is much more peaceful, productive and fulfilling.

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