ROW80 Check-in Positive Thinking

This check-in, I’m going to concentrate on the positive.  My natural tendency to dwell on the negatives does me no favors, and makes me a dull person.

The best thing I did was take an entire week off work.  I have been working a full-time day job since January 2, 1986; discounting maternity and other medical leaves, I have never taken more than a long weekend off work.  It was very unusual, and slightly unnerving, when the husband and I went off together for an entire ten days, not calling work, not taking work along with us.

It was glorious, cleansing, restoring, and lots of other adjectives.  The downside? I did not realize beforehand that internet access costs would be equivalent to cash advance rates (read, usury) and therefore out of reach.  My apologies to all of you for being incommunicado. I will be on medical leave for 2-3 weeks beginning September 17th, so if I haven’t made the rounds and caught up on my comments yet, I will do it then.

While I was away, I realized how close I was to burnout on the day job, and by extension on my writing as well.  One accomplishment since my return has been to re-read several of the sponsor posts that I read quickly when they were posted.  I find that sometimes I need to be in a certain mental space for ideas to find purchase.

Eden Mabee’s excellent post on finding time to write helped me make some baby steps.  Tia Bach’s post reminded me how ROW80 has given me a community offering support as well as accountability.  Kim Switzer’s thoughts and those of Shan Burton’s followed with reminders of the passion underlying our need to find the time and space to write. If you haven’t read these posts, I suggest taking the time to do so.

My summer has been spent reading, books, posts, and articles I will share as I can.  It has been a retrenchment, a discovery.  At times, I have felt dismay at the pace and the uncertainty, but with hindsight, I can see the necessity of it for further growth.

ROW80 is a wonderful community. Please visit and encourage ROWers here.

5 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in Positive Thinking”

  1. Burnout creeps up on us faster than we realize. I’m glad you found a moment to escape (and, yes, without internet is a good thing–Sometimes I think these electronic boxes we’ve tied ourselves to are going to be the end of us).

    As for the backlogged posts–if you need, let me know which weeks you need help with, I can go back and make a visit or two. Don’t beat yourself up now that you’ve finally softened some of the rough spots by trying to scramble to “catch up”. (I just need a private msg with your number to go through the linkies… I lost Kait’s message with that info.)

    Hooray for some upsides!

  2. Upsides are wonderful! So are vacations, and time to indulge yourself.

    I’ve also found that the deepest growth is always surrounded by unease and discomfort. Maybe a necessary part of the process.

    I hope that you move through this time, and allow yourself to really get to know who you are and what will delight you now.

    If you would like to get together, at any point, rest assured that I have never found you dull! =)

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