ROW80 Best Laid Plans

This past week has strained my capabilities for positive thinking.  I had come to an acceptance and even some positive thoughts about my upcoming surgery, which had originally been planned for last May.  There was a last-minute postponement, as the manufacturer of the shoulder implant needed FDA approval for my nickel-free implant. Roll forward several months.  I am contacted by my surgeon to reschedule, so I set it up for next week.  Naively, I assume that the FDA approval has been obtained, else why would the surgeon reschedule?

Wrong.  I got a call last Thursday evening that I am back to square one.The good side of things is that I will now follow up on second opinions; the bad side, well, I will strive to ignore the bad side. Fodder for writing, all of it!

On to ROW80. If you don’t read the sponsor posts that Kait puts on the ROW80 blog every Monday, I suggest you give them a look.  Buffy Greentree  talks about how we draw lines in the sand that will make us “real writers,” and how restrictive so many of them seem on close inspection. Alberta Ross gives an example of perseverance that makes the trials of finding time and topic to write seem very minor indeed, as well as a new appreciation for the ROW80 community. Beth Camp offers several helpful tips  on using our blogs to better supplement our author platform. Emily Witt encourages us to leave our comfort zones, exploring whatever stories whisper to us in the night, no matter what their genre. Stephanie Nickel steps out of the sponsor post box with a poem of encouragement with tips for facing the horror of the blank screen.  Kait Nolan, our fearless leader, opened the Round with Ghandi’s rules for writers.

For an update on my recent reading: I have several favorite YouTube channels several of which involve the vlog brothers, Hank and John Green.  In that manner I discovered that John Green has written several books, including The Fault in Our Stars. It is one of those books pigeonholed as YA, when it should be pigeonholed as human of all ages.  It made me cry, which usually makes me not like a book, but this one still resonates with me many days later.

Especially on this last week of the Round, please go around to encourage your fellow ROWers, who can be found here.

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  1. So sorry for the frustrations with your surgery. You’ll be in my thoughts that it is all figured out soon. I have been very frustrated in Round 3–to the point that I almost hate writing update posts because they seem negative. I am determined to make Round 4 a more positive, and motivating, experience. But I don’t know if I’d even keep doing it all if I didn’t have amazing the amazing peeps in ROW80–including you!

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