Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | October 20, 2013

ROW 80 Check-in October 20

Those of you who hang around the ROW80 page on Facebook may have seen that my slow start to Round Four ground to a temporary halt only two days in when I ended up in the ICU the day I expected to go home.

The flurry of fear, changes in lifestyle and implosion of short term plans has been substantial. The planned rest has been expanded and time for rumination has been filled with many new topics.

I have done very badly on my goals so far, but I can only get better.

I will fulfill my assignment as a sponsor, and encourage more ROWers than my assignment whenever possible. I am catching up yesterday and today.

I will respond to comments within a week.  This time frame will shrink as my typing gets back to normal. I ended up in the hospital twice as long as planned, so I was behind.  I did catch up yesterday, however, and hope to stay on top of comments.

I will continue to explore in free-writing, at least three times a week, what genres and stories light me on fire, where I feel I have something to say that may teach and entertain. I have been writing down ideas, memories, and phrases as I can.

I will continue to fight against a cluttered mind and environs, by decluttering at least three hours a week. I spent more than three hours this past week supervising cleaning minions.

Please go visit around the other ROWers, whom you can find here.



  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better. More importantly, I’m glad you’re okay and recovering at home. Hopefully recovery goes well and things will settle into a great and easy routine for you. Keep up the slow and steady pace and in time you’ll be faster a bit more each day.

    • Thank you, Cynnara. I’m hurting less and getting more movement in the shoulder every day, so I’m getting there.

  2. Feel better!!!

    • Thanks, Jenny! I am already feeling so much better, and slowly able to put on my big girl panties about the lifestyle changes, especially with your hints.

      • The wine helps…that’s for sure. 🙂

  3. Oh man! I hope things are getting better and your recovery goes smoothly and quickly.

    • Thank you, Alice. I am past the worst, and can actually see some progress in the baby steps.

  4. It sounds like you’re taking care of you and that’s great. It also sounds like you are getting back to routine and that’s great too, but know your limits and continue to take care of yourself.

    • Good points, S.J. I tend to be impatient with myself and thus overdo too quickly. Luckily, my sons are home this semester, and are very stern nurses!

  5. I really think you have an excellent excuse for being behind on things. Goodness sake, cut yourself some slack. I think you are doing fine on your goals. Get some rest and don’t push yourself. Everything can wait until you’re ready and able.

    • Thanks for the reminder, Chris. I’m very good at cutting others slack, and myself, not so much.

  6. Hope you’re feeling much better. Good to see you making progress, despite your health issues. X

  7. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Keep that focus, we’ll still be here 🙂

    You’ve done well with your goals and it’ll only get better. Wishing you a great week Elizabeth!

    • Thank you, Raelyn. I’m trying to let myself mend, while not allowing myself to malinger.

  8. I hope you feel back to full strength soon. In the meantime, rest up and take care of yourself.

    • I’m working on that, J.R. I’m enjoying the time to think about things, replenishing the creative well.

  9. Oh my! Hang in there. I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I pray you continue to improve. Just get done what you can, and don’t worry about the rest!

    • Thank you, Julie. I’m getting stronger every day, so the prognosis is good.

  10. Stay well. Keep the goals manageable within any constraints you have to work with. And don’t over do! 🙂

    • Anne, I have to guard against overdoing, so your comment is well taken. I’m trying to take the time to think, plan, and rest.

  11. Sending lots of love and I’m glad you’re feeling better. x

  12. Thank you for visiting and commenting — and continuing to be a sponsor, in spite of all that’s happened. May your healing continue. I found Shan Jeniah’s column on the ROW80 blog this morning, and it was exactly what I needed to read for its message of ‘attentiveness’ and letting writing be part of every day in whatever form it appears — more flow than fight or flight. As you said, ‘life happens’ and we can choose to cherish even the chaos. Be well.

    • Beth, I so enjoy being a sponsor, I’d hate to have to give it up. Shan’s post had a lot to say to me as well, especially since my brush with serious illness has emphasized “bring present.”

      I’m trying to take the gift of this time to think and reflect on things, many of which will translate to writing at some point.

  13. be kind to yourself, take care and take it slow and easy:) so easy for me to say:) but please do – theres no hurry – get better:)

    • Alberta, I know it’s not easy for you to say, because you dealt with your own health issues recently, and I’m quite sure you chafed under the necessity to take it slow.

      My sons are very good nurses, and know when to push me (like the physical therapy exercises) and when to make me rest. I do suffer from feeling useless, but am trying to use the time well while resting. Thank you for the advice! 🙂

  14. Been thinking of you. Wishing you all the best and sending a big hug.

    • Thank you for the hug, Tia! It is much appreciated. Things are progressing slowly, but there is movement. Thanks for stopping by!

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