ROW80 Check-in November 17

With many blushes, I must apologize for missing the Wednesday check-in, and for falling behind on many of my goals.  This check-in will be quite brief as well, since the messiness of my life is not confining itself to the work week. ROW80 understands that writers have lives, thankfully.  There was an incident with my parents last week, and the resultant multiple emails and calls among siblings continues today.  Also, I had to return to full time at the day job, which, perhaps not surprisingly, flattened me.

Although I have kept up with writing every day, I have fallen behind on most of my other goals.  I do hope to make progress on comments on blogs, and replies to comments, today.  I did finish a beta read this past week, thank goodness!

Writing the memoir every day has become a habit, as has looking critically at what I need to learn about the craft.  I mentioned my need to work on dialogue in an earlier check-in.  I find that I need to work on plot quite a bit as well.  I’m not surprised–an article on early printed editions doesn’t have a lot of plot or dialogue–and, thankfully, not discouraged.

To that end, I have backed off reading as much fiction as I was a few weeks ago.  I haven’t begun reading books on craft, but I have decided which ones to read–that’s something, right? 🙂

If you have a chance, please go visit the other ROWers, whom you can find here.

12 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in November 17”

  1. You say you kept up with writing every day, so that’s a great accomplishment. I don’t always check in on Wednesdays since most of my writing is done later in the week. So don’t blush. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry you’re parents are having troubles. That’s not easy. For as much as you went through this week, I see a lot of progress. I think it’s time for you to pat yourself on your back. Keep moving forward.

  3. all the best with your personal life – be kind to yourself tho’ as well – writing memoir can be theraputic as well as a slap on the chops – but the writing habit is maintained so well done – look after yourself girl and all the best for this week:)

  4. I’ve seen several of us derailed from goals recently for issues with family. I pray that all is well. Just hang in there and get to your goals when you can. Indeed, ROW80 understands that life happens and a blip in your progress doesn’t mean you’re off track altogether. You’ll get back in and get lots of done! Best wishes, Elizabeth.

    1. Thanks, Julie. It has been a difficult month, I will say that, but I should concentrate on the positive. Not everything has fallen off the radar, so that’s good, right? I appreciate your stopping by!

  5. I’m sorry to hear of the struggles in your family life and hope it all turns out well and soon for all involved. I think the fact you kept writing is a great feat and that you should be proud of that. That’s probably your most important goal. And i agree deciding what to read is an important move on that goal! Totally worth taking credit for it.

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