ROW80 Check-in December 8

Once again, I have missed a check-in.  This week had me dealing with the day job and reeling with family crises and needs. I had planned to post my December goals, so I will outline them now.

Continue the daily habit of writing, with a goal of 600 words a day–a stretch goal for me, but a good one.  I recoil from some of what I need to write–chronologically, I am up to the date rape in my twenties, and may have to write some happier, later, scenes to gird my loins for that set of scenes.

Revive my author blog. I wrote a post on Saturday, born from a recycling ad, Dreams from the trash.  I spent some time pulling together some posts for the future, and feel very virtuous.

Continue to hone down the craft book reading list for the month.  Writer’s Digest tempted me with a sale, and made me rethink all my former decisions. Any suggestions will be welcomed!

Keep up with replies to comments, and my sponsor duties.  I’ve done all right, although I am slower than I would like.  My left arm is getting stronger, so I can type with both hands. WHEE!

I hope everyone is having  a good slide through December toward the goal line.  Thank you all for your support!

If you have a chance, please go visit the other ROWers, whom you can find here.

4 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in December 8”

  1. May those 600 words a day come easily for you! I can usually write well at about the 500 words a day level IF I’m drafting. Once the revising kicks in, all else slows way down. Perhaps it’s the daily habit of writing that makes all possible. I’m wishing you continued health and thank you for all your encouragement to the rest of us ROW80ers!

  2. I can’t imagine tackling that scene Elizabeth but I have to believe it will offer healing to get it down. I hope your 600 words a day flow easily for you. Wishing you all the best this week!

  3. The feelings you have about the upcoming scene… >hugs< I understand.

    Great news about the arm and about reviving via another post, your author blog. Sometimes playing catch up is good for the soul. Just don't let go of the handwriting time too. Sometimes that changing styles offers grist for the mental wheels to mill.

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