ROW80 December 15


I cannot write a check-in today.  My brother checked into hospice last Wednesday, and passed away this morning.  I apologize, and will catch up as I can.  Please send some thoughts and, if so inclined, prayers to his family.

Also, please visit and support the other ROWers during these last few days of Round 4.  You can find them here.


20 thoughts on “ROW80 December 15”

  1. Dear Elizabeth. Thank you for posting even so briefly. Know that many ROW80 colleagues will be thinking of you and this time of reflection and letting go. Best, Beth

  2. Oh, my goodness, you certainly do not need to apologize! Family always comes first. I will be praying that the family finds peace at this difficult time – always made worse when loses happen around the holidays. Take care of yourself.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss, and see our small community is unanimous in assuring you there’s no need for apology.

  4. Elizabeth,

    I grieve with you. This is certainly not a time to worry about us. I will pop around to your sponsor people, until you are ready and able.

    Holding you and yours warmly in my thoughts, and sending you much love!.

  5. No apologies necessary, Elizabeth. I cannot even conceive of the kind of loss you are feeling right now. May all that his and your family be surrounded soon with a sense of peace… As Shan said, I can also stop over and visit your sponsor people.

    Much love and comfort come your way.

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