ROW80 Learning Assessment

It was an interesting 80 days, a time of reflection.  ROW80 is the writing challenge that knows you have a life, and life certainly happened.

The positives were many.  I managed to inculcate a habit of meditating every day, usually first thing or last thing of the day. Nighttime meditation led to more restful sleep, and even to remembering some dreams, something I have missed for several months.

My capacity for gratitude expanded, and engendered a new way of looking at many things I had taken for granted for many years.  I found many silver linings in dark clouds.

I connected more with family and friends than I have for many months, and gained a broader sense of community and accountability due to those connections.

My small bouts of physical therapy goaded me into more movement, however slight, leading to greater mobility and a well-earned tiredness.

I don’t want to call the rest negatives, so I will term them unmet goals, some with unforeseen silver linings.

While unable to revive the 250 words a day habit, I’ve begun feeling small fronds of creativity feathering through the snow, reaching for the light.

I am woefully behind on replying to comments on my posts, and to returning visits from those who have visited my blog.  I read the comments and treasure all of you who take the time to come visit.  I have become very aware of the importance of community support and plan to work toward being a better member of the community.

I have been cleaning up files, ruminating on blogs and posts and voice.  I don’t feel I have found my voice quite yet, and I’d like to make that a goal for the next Round. 

Some characters have started to talk to me again, and I want to find out more about them.

So I have some hope and gratitude and perhaps even some joy.   All of you ROWers, have a great break and I will see you on the flip side.  Those of you who are not ROWers, thank you for your comments and support.

The final weigh-in for Round One is a blog hop


1 thought on “ROW80 Learning Assessment”

  1. I wish I could create a habit of meditating daily. I bet it improves your sense of gratitude and your ability to focus.

    If you’re working on voice, I suggest using author Barbara Samuel’s voice worksheet. Her blog is called “A Writer Afoot” and if you google her name or the blog name and voice worksheet, that worksheet should pop up. I used it a few weeks ago and found it really useful.

    Best of luck!

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