Life, death, and reflection on both

I missed the check-in on April 13th and 16th, and am late for the April 20th check-in.  My mother passed away on the 12th, rendering my progress this past week non-existent.  I was able to go to her services and support my father for the past week, which was helpful in beginning to work through my grief.

As often happens, death brings a particular lens to life, making us realize what is important and what is not worth the time we spend on it.  Although I have been thinking and jotting down snippets, I have nothing of substance to offer as solace or reflection, but I feel it will end up as something of worth.

I was away from the internet for the majority of the week, but hope to get back to comments and replies soon.  Thank you all for being such supportive friends.

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5 thoughts on “Life, death, and reflection on both”

  1. I am so sorry for your loss, Elizabeth. I would take as much time as you need to get back into writing and ROW80. I had a similar situation — although my dad didn’t die, he did something so horrible that we (the family) no longer speak to him. For the first few days, I considered him dead. (But not anymore). I couldn’t even conceive the idea of writing for awhile. Eventually, I got back to it, but I am still unable to write about what happened. It’s been 5 years. It’s pretty interesting how something like a death or hurt can mess with the muse. Be kind to yourself. It will come back in time.

    1. Thank you, Erin. It’s a good reminder to be kind to myself. I heard some great stories about my mother that I did not know, and wrote snippets down to remember them. They may never go any further than that, but it is helping me.

  2. Oh, no. I’m so sorry, Elizabeth. I’m not sure if there’s something we can do for you (besides be here for you) but if there is, please let us know. As Erin said, take the time you need.

  3. The reflective moments are times of growth, Elizabeth, mental, spiritual, even sometimes physical. The renewed connection with your family and the person your mother was… Spring comes to the heart even more deeply than the Earth. May those stories bloom within you, even if they only appear in your private garden

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