Late but positive check-in

A quick check-in, since I am so late!

I have been catching up with comments on my previous posts, so I am making progress there.  I plan to write a zero draft of my paper this afternoon–wish me luck, as I have never (yes, really, never) tried to do this sort of draft before.

I have been keeping up with meditation and keeping up with my family.  Unfortunately, my friends have gotten short shrift, but I hope to make strides there soon.

Despite my fear that my grief would affect my writing, I find that it has slowed down, but not disappeared entirely.  I am going to invoke Eden‘s five sentences for the next several days/weeks until I can get back up to speed.

Again, thank you all for your support.  ROW80 is a wonderful community-go check the participants out here.


3 thoughts on “Late but positive check-in”

  1. slow easy steps, don’t rush it, the creativity will flow again when it is ready. Grief can take its time – it is necessary – look after yourself 🙂

  2. There’s one friend that understands completely. As it turns out, we had freezing rain and 3 inches of snow that night, and, even with a Subaru, I’m not that prone to going out in bad weather. Eden and I both stayed in….

    I hope you will continue to be gentle with yourself, and allow the time you need for the immediacy of grief to ease into your reality. I don’t know what a zero draft is, but I wish you all the luck with it!

    Sending you hugs until we meet again! ❤

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