Writing has commenced

This morning, I woke up with the need to write, something that has not occurred for months. *happy dance* While I am not one to write only when the muse is happy, it was nice to feel the creative flow again. So I sat in my dark little office cubbyhole with the quiet of the morning around me, and continued to write on the paper I am presenting in a couple of weeks.  Shan Jeniah asked what I meant by a zero draft.  I have no idea where I got the term, but I mean the kind of writing one is supposed to do in NaNo.  No editing, no stopping to look things up and the like.  I know way, way, too much about this subject, so I don’t need to fact check while writing, which is extremely freeing.

Although I’ve been able to keep up with sponsor duties, I still have to catch up with comments on my previous posts, but I am making progress.

I have been keeping up with meditation and keeping up with my family. I’m working to be kind to myself, as Kait advised at the beginning of this Round.

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3 thoughts on “Writing has commenced”

  1. Rock on! Nice to see that the writing bug bit you. Hopefully it didn’t hurt too much? I’ve heard that zero draft term before. Those that use it tend to call it the “vomit” draft, because well.. that’s what you do with the words. Supposedly it’s not even fit enough to call a 1st draft. Many times people use those drafts to learn what the story is about before they write the 1st draft.

  2. Funny that Shan didn’t know about a zero draft; I could have sworn we’d talked about that in one of the many writing discussions we’ve had over the years. Ah, well… sometimes words only click when heard from a different perspective too.

    Yay for the eagerness to write. I wish I had that lately. It’s been all pulling teeth. But that’s life sometimes….

  3. Glad you’re feeling the urge to write again! I can sympathize, as I’ve been struggling with that for several months as well. I think it’s coming back. I hope so, because I’m diving into Story A Day this month, and it would really help if I didn’t have to cajole myself into putting words on the page every day.

    It seems that “Be kind to yourself” is a good theme for a lot of us this round.

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