Learning Assessment for May

I missed Wednesday’s check-in again. In stark contrast to many academic jobs, the pressure does not lessen when the students are gone.  In fact, in many ways, the summer is my busiest time. All my plans to get things done when the day job slows down have been put off.  I hope to make very small baby steps. For the coming week, I am dedicating small snippets of time to clearly defined goals–responding to comments during this half-hour, editing this post in this hour, and the like.


I’ve not been successful finding extremely basic yoga quite yet, but I have been walking much more than I did in the winter.  I like our neighborhood for that reason.  It’s an easy walk to the post office or the convenience store, and it affords some time to think about writing, and voice, and goals.  I got a flyer for a writing workshop over in Massachusetts that I can’t do this year, but I’m filing away to check into next year.

I seem to have caught the cold that was going around at work, although it may be allergies to the pollen and the dust that I am disturbing in my spring (summer?) cleaning at home.  Even so, I have been writing, again for the day job, but it’s somewhat creative.  I have two presentations the week of June 8, so the deadlines are fast approaching.  Luckily, I am a frustrated actress, despite my introvert tendencies, so performing before a crowd is not very stressful.

After I gave my paper in May, I was interviewed by the small-town newspaper there. I figured it would never make print, but surprisingly, it did.  It’s always nice to appear in print, even if it is in such a small venue.

The biggest revelation in May was the need to take care of myself, and to be kind to myself.  I tend to overextend well beyond my abilities, and then feel guilty for not getting everything done, everyone seen, and life conquered.  I also discovered how much I am struggling with my voice, or better put, that I am not entirely comfortable with my voice.  I am rather opinionated, and care a lot about several causes.  I guess that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, nor a total surprise, but I do have to get more comfortable with it.

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9 thoughts on “Learning Assessment for May”

  1. I’ve been looking for things to attend too. I may have found something for next year and the year after. I hope to attend something. Fingers crossed for both of us. Congrats on the interview. That’s cool.
    Yes, please be kind to yourself. Good luck on finding the right yoga class for you. Hope you have a good week.

    1. Thanks, SJ, and I’m glad you’ve found some things to attend. I’m too chicken for a class, but I may find some confidence after practicing in my room for a bit 🙂 I hope you have a lovely week!

  2. I used to teach yoga, and I still struggle to get it done regularly enough these days. Ah, well. I, like you, love walking around my neighborhood, so I figure that’s still pretty good. Congrats on the interview, that’s so cool! It look like are going pretty well; keep it up and get better! Hopefully it IS just allergies and it will soon pass.

    1. Thanks, LS. It does seem to be allergies, thank goodness, so I’m living between Zyrtec and Benedryl. I did find some very basic yoga poses to try, so I’m excited to add them to my morning routine.. I hope you have a lovely week.

  3. Hello, Elizabeth. Balancing work with writing when work requires writing is always a struggle, but you are persevering with creativity. I did enjoy reading Lisa’s ROW80 post today about internal/external resistances over at You might want to take a look. But most important here, be kind to yourself. Even if you cannot practice the yoga you want, perhaps just sitting for a moment of quiet and breathing may help. May you have a good week ahead.

    1. Hi, Beth! Thanks for stopping by and for the link to Lisa’s post about resistence–very enlightening! As for being kind to myself, I find it really, really hard. I am going to keep working on it, though! I hope your week ahead is wonderful!

  4. I love our idea of breaking up specific tasks into time periods you can spare, and walking even if you haven’t found the right yoga program for you, just yet.

    May you continue to treat you sweetly, and may the professional weight ease up at some point!

    I tend to care about several things very passionately, too…learning to speak with conviction without seeming to attack those who disagree. I hope you find a space and stance you can be at peace with.

    1. Shan, I appreciate your suggestions. I think the day job will ease up after Thursday, thank goodness, for at least a few weeks. As for taking a stance, I think I’ve fallen prey to listening to the blogging gurus who say don’t be political, don’t take a strong stance–well phooey! I can have opinions without attacking those who disagree, so I’m forging ahead.

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