Better part of valor

Well, my lateness is becoming the usual thing, which is distressing. On the plus side, I did find some very basic yoga poses (on the AARP site, so they seemed safe, <grin>) and added them to my morning meditations.  Having perfected moving as little as possible, I am a bit achy and stiff, but I know it will get better.  I’ve also added some more walking to the routine.

On a slightly negative note, I had a jarring revelation.  I am trying far too hard to write fiction, and churning out, well, crap.  There may be many reasons for this lack of success–perhaps I’m trying to write a long piece when I should work on short pieces,  perhaps I am ground to a nub given the past nine months of loss, surgery, and lodging in the ICU.  The scary thought is maybe I just can’t do it.  I’m not sure why that is so disturbing a thought, but there it is.

So I’m retrenching.  I have written before about wanting to find my voice, so I will return to the memoir, which stalled last December when my brother passed away.  I plan to write at least five sentences a day on the memoir.

I also have mentioned far too many times that I am going to update my blog(s), respond to comments, write more often and generally spiff things up. This time I am going to set a goal of spending an hour twice a week on the blog. I think blogging may help me find my voice, or hone it into something.  I honestly don’t know what my voice is right now.

So, that’s the state of this personage at present.  I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying summer.  Please go encourage all the ROW80 participants here.

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3 thoughts on “Better part of valor”

  1. I can understand needing to retrench. Too many of us still feel like we have to be able to do all that we could do ten years ago, and forget to make allowances for age or poor health changing our limitations. Take a step back, reevaluate your goals and your current capabilities, and see what you can actually accomplish. It’s great you have a morning meditation routine, and adding yoga positions is awesome!

    I’m sure you’ll find your voice. Blogging will help a lot, as will working on memoirs. It sounds like you’ve had a hard time of it recently, and that will affect your voice, as well. But keep putting words out there, and you’ll find your voice. Good luck with your goals!

  2. What helps me when I’m feeling stalled out with my writing is to tackle the project that most wants to be written. Sounds like that’s what you’re doing. 🙂

    That said, first drafts are always sh*t. *g* But in order to finish one of those sh*tty first drafts — that you can then pound into shape — you have to enjoy what you’re doing on some level. So returning to the memoir is probably best for you now.

  3. I never thought I’d write (co-author) a memoir . . . especially someone else’s, but Living Beyond My Circumstances was published in January. Sometimes our voice surprises us. When I wrote for the local paper, one friend in particular said it sounded like me. I think there are times our voice comes through and we don’t even know it.

    I hope you feel well soon . . . and find your voice. All the best with the memoir and your blog.

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