Asking for advice and ROW80 checkin

After chasing my tail around and around about the problem, I realized what a resource I had at hand.  So, please give me some advice.  I have three blogs and can’t decide what to do about them–one is on life support, but yet gets hits nearly every day.  Was I premature in starting my self-named blog?  Should i try to combine all three? I would truly appreciate your thoughts.

When I started blogging in earnest in 2011, I had only this blog for ROW80 check-ins.  Soon, I added Lapidary Prose, which was to be my literary history, history of words, and contemplative blog.  I had a brief foray into “On this date in history” kind of thing as well.  Once I had exposure to more experienced writers, I decided to create Elizabeth Anne Mitchell as an “author platform,”  Since then, I have not spent time on Lapidary Prose, but the posts are still getting hits, and I still enjoy writing about literary history and words.

Part of my concern is my decision last Wednesday to take the plunge to participate in WIPpet Wednesday.  I know many ROW80 participants include both hops in their ROW80 check-in, but it feels odd to me, like I’m shorting each task.  Also, to be scarily honest, I still feel like an imposter, in that I have a rough outline, then I string little beads of scenes along the way, with no rhyme nor reason to the order. Anyway, I’m hoping that I can slowly learn how to do things like setting and dialogue.

I survived my two presentations on Thursday, but felt pretty awful Friday.  Stress often takes a physical toll on me.  The meditation and yoga poses have been lifesavers.  My hands are starting to feel my age (or maybe even twenty years older!) from the constant computer typing and mousing for about ten hours a day, between the day job, social media, and writing. I picked up a nice, small, notebook at the conference, and plan to use it for writing to ease my hand pain.

Said writing is coming slowly, but I do have several thousand words from my NaNo rebel memoir last November, which is easier than facing a blank screen.  I stopped writing it in December when my brother passed away, and had only picked it up briefly in April when my mother passed away. I am more ready to write about my early life now, at least in little sessions, so I hope to expand to more than five sentences a day for the remainder of Round Two.

ROW80 is in the home stretch of Round 2.  If you would like to be a sponsor, read about it here. Please consider it and please go encourage the participants here.smaller EM

4 thoughts on “Asking for advice and ROW80 checkin”

  1. I have eight blogs in various stages of maturity, so you’re not alone in having more than one. The attraction of creating a new site is strong, and the ease with which you can do so with WordPress, is partly to blame. So many formats! So many widgets! So many hours wasted!
    There’s also the attraction of starting again, afresh, without the embarrassing errors or empty months when you don’t write. We tell ourselves that this time it will be different.
    Choose one of your blogs to major on and link the others. If your books are published under your name, use that site as your main site. You can still blog on the subjects you love, under a different category.
    The other posts still get hits? Try editing the last part of each post to add a horizontal line and a short paragraph underneath, linking to your ‘author name’ site. That makes it easy for people to find you.
    Let people know you’ve moved. Have a look at Nicola Morgan’s blog at where she moved to another site.
    As Nicola says, “blogging is incredibly time-consuming”.
    Also, bear in mind that with two bereavements of close family members during the last year you’re going to need time for you too, even if your relationships with those people were at odds with your expectations. Sometimes these things hit us straight away; sometimes the effects surface much, much later.
    Take care of yourself, or let your significant others do some of it for you. Good luck with your ROW80, WIPpet and writing.
    With kindness to you;

    1. Thank you for so much advice and caring, Lee. I did look at Nicola’s site, and one of my goals this new Round is to rein in the blog situation. She offers an elegant solution, as do your further remarks.

      It also helps that you are as seduced by the shiny,new, blog as I am! 🙂

  2. This was a treat! I read your other blogs with enjoyment — and sympathize with that commitment to blogging. I too have 3 blogs: one for writing, one for travel, and one for ROW80 (and most times feel behind or not doing enough posting). I also am not quite sure about putting WIPpet Weds (when I do post) on the ROW80 blog. Seems a better fit on the writing blog. But it’s been quite a year for you. Maybe writing that memoir project will help. I second Lee’s advice to nurture yourself with writing what eases your heart. Yoga, yes! Maybe you find it difficult to let go of one of the blogs. That’s a sign you really do need three blogs. For me writing about travels past makes up for not being able to travel now. How could I give up writing about writing? I hope you will find a way to cherish what you love and let go of what takes too much effort. PS That writing by hand may not help the arthritis. Keyboarding is actually easier on those stiff fingers!!!

    1. Thanks for weighing in on my question, Beth. I think you may be right that my dismay points to needing to keep all three right now. I’;m hoping to find a schedule that will work, without abandoning all those interested and/or running me ragged.

      I also appreciate the reminder about not overdoing the handwriting. Keyboarding is easier, but I think I need a more ergonomic mouse, as much of my day job is mousing.

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