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Tangled in the Reins

Kait’s check-in post made me laugh.  Far from starting nimbly from the gate, I am hopelessly tangled in the reins, and the horse is contemplating having nothing more to do with me.  But it’s all right–sometimes untangling is a necessary first step.

I will also try to have more interesting check-ins as time goes on, but here’s the short and tangled:

1. I have to write a non-fiction, scholarly, article this summer.  It has to be accepted for publication by the end of Round Four, so I am dedicating a 1/2 hour everyday to it. Monday and Tuesday I was correcting the copy edits from an article that was accepted for publication last week.  What is my excuse today?  Not much of one, but there was a massive hailstorm that made me unplug and stare out the window for a half-hour, and thunder that continued for several hours thereafter.  Does that count?

2. I want to get back to my fiction, if only on a small scale.  I have a series of small pieces planned. I will write at least five sentences everyday on my fiction. I have cheated here somewhat, as I will post a WIPpet, but I had notes before I wrote it.

3. My blogs are a moribund, disorganized, mess. I will spend 1/2 hour everyday on one or more of the blogs. Nope.  I did think about them and read some drafts, though.

And as a generalized excuse, I spent a leisurely lunch with Eden Mabee, during which we were so busy catching up, we didn’t write a word!

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7 thoughts on “Tangled in the Reins”

    1. Well, I probably shouldn’t have all three. I started with the specifically ROW80 blog, then started one about my favorite non- fiction topics (history of words and interesting women in history), and then grabbed my name domain for the time I’d want an author platform. I’m not doing well on any of them, really. xx

  1. Elizabeth, I also run three blogs. Sometimes I feel I’m not doing well on any of them, BUT having a separate blog for ROW80 clears my mind and helps me focus. Although I’m writing only about 2-3 posts a month on the travel blog, I can’t give up that one for I can write there about those places I love. And the writing blog (yes, the platform) still seems to be reaching for an identity — but gets the most hits! Do you twitter your posts??? And why give up something that you love?

    1. Yikes, Beth! My apologies–I’m often slow on responses, but this? It is unconscionable!

      I’m glad to know you have multiple blogs, too. I should just set up a schedule that will hit the missing one every so often. I have started tweeting my WIPpet posts, but I should tweet the others, too.

      Your question as to why I would give up something I love is a pertinent one. I’ve let it go fallow for a long time now, and feel guilty about it, but as long as I announce a schedule, it needn’t be a several-times-a-week one.

      Thank you for your thoughts!

  2. Finding a balance between blogging, writing and living… I’m in awe at those who manage it. Hopefully you’ll find your balance eventually.

    1. I hope so, Eden. It is getting better, but I do wonder about the folks who get a post up three or more times a week. How do they do it??

      My problem is I love to write these research-intensive posts, ones that take an hour just to do the research. If I go back to those, I should spread them out a bit!

      Then there are the WIppets, where I’m madly trying to find something that doesn’t have more holes than structure! Oh well, it may come together at some point!

      1. The three posts a week thing… that’d be something to ask Shan (or better yet, Kristen Lamb, since she’s who Shan learned about blogging basics from). Personally, I’m at a loss.

        I may be the wrong person to offer an opinion, but… I prefer a few good, well thought-out posts a month to daily chatter. Even the WIPpets are too frequent for me at times. It’s an issue of too much of a good thing. Even the best posts by my favorite bloggers…. I only read about one a month.

        You could always try posting some non-fiction to your WIPpets too. You know we’re not limited by genre.

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