A slow walking gait

I liked Kait’s horse race metaphor so much, I have to continue it for a while. I have left the gate, but only at a slow walking gait, as if I have been riding astride all my life and find myself in a side-saddle. Also, although I have no pretensions to being irreplaceable at the day job, it is stunning how much work was waiting for me upon my return from a week and a half at a conference and then on vacation.

1. I am dedicating a 1/2 hour everyday to a non-fiction, scholarly, article. Only two out of four days, although I plan to adjust this goal to five days–the work week.  I don’t really want to think about it on my days off.

2.  I will write at least five sentences everyday on my fiction. Three out of four days–I’ll take it, and keep working on it.  I am keeping up, so far, with WIPpet Wednesdays, but am putting them up on my author blog.

3. I will spend 1/2 hour everyday on one or more of the blogs. Two out of four days–again, room for improvement, but some movement at least. I got some great advice at the end of Round Two that I am mulling.  I need to learn some WordPress tricks, and am working through whether to try to learn by myself or pay for help.  I do need to do something, though, that is clear.

We have a bumper crop of enthused people beginning this Round.  If you are intrigued by ROW80, check out my fellow participants here to see what it is like, or check out the FAQs.

2 thoughts on “A slow walking gait”

  1. What luxury your post brings — focus, commitment, and clarity! I respect your ability to keep participating in WIPpet Weds as well as writing every day. I’m working hard but have little time for fiction so I will try the five sentence approach. Riding side-saddle brings images of the Victorian Age, a long blue riding outfit, a hat with a feather, and just maybe, a sweet mare with an ambling gait. Have a very good week.

  2. I, too, love the analogy of a horse leaving the gait. I guess it is better to start out at a walk, than to bolt from the gate, have your horse trip and fall, throwing you over his head, causing you to be trampled by 24 hooves, and ending up in traction in the ICU where the neurologist who is caring for you is none other than your ex’s current lover, and that is just going to cause you so many difficulties in your recovery. Definitely better to start off slow!

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