ROW80 check-in Walking Slightly More Quickly

Well, I’m getting the hang of this side-saddle, and the feather in my hat isn’t hanging in my face and tickling my nose, so maybe I’ll get even better!

1. I am dedicating a 1/2 hour everyday to a non-fiction, scholarly, article. I did work on this article Monday, Tuesday, and today–wait!!  That’s a success!!! 

2.  I will write at least five sentences everyday on my fiction. Well, I posted ten sentences today on WIPpet Wednesday here.  I also wrote some more sentences, so, wow, is this a success, too?!?!?!

3. I will spend 1/2 hour everyday on one or more of the blogs. I am still mulling about themes and images and widgets and wordcount thingies. It may not be a win, but it’s movement. 

It’s a bit too early to say that I’ve nailed everything, but I’m feeling pretty positive.  I hope everyone has a chance to drop by and encourage some of the ROW80 participants here.smaller EM

7 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in Walking Slightly More Quickly”

  1. Dedicating a half hour to non-fiction is a fabulous idea! I’m immersed in writing moon stories, and I try to get as much inspiration from the REAL facts about as I can.
    Unfortunately, I also love “Ancient Aliens” (which is inspiration for another series.) My 6yo is currently confused about the difference between “Ancient Aliens” and “Cosmos.” She knows “AA” isn’t real…but then how is “Cosmos” real? He’s on a space ship…

    1. Your daughter shows how literal we are at that age. I find it fascinating how we come to separate reality from fiction as we grow up–sometimes too much. Thanks for the comment, AmyBeth!

      My apologies for misreading your comment, AmyBeth! *blush*

  2. You do know that side-saddle is the most dangerous of riding seats (beyond acrobatic performances that is)…. Brave woman! But it sounds like you’re beginning to manage with poise and confidence. Non-fiction is a wonderful idea. Given the lesson plans I have to develop in the next few weeks… I may join you on that 1/2hr a day.

    1. I didn’t know that, Eden, but it struck me as hanging on with one knee couldn’t be good!

      I tend to discount the non-fiction I write, ending up stretching myself too thin. I have to write the article–I might as well count it as part of my writing. Lesson plans sound like a good use of your half-hour, as well.

      1. Well, you don’t hang on with your knees mostly. The newer side-saddles have a bugger, horn-like pommel that you rest your upper thigh into. Your lower foot is held by the stirrup. It’s hard to do well without putting excess strain on the horse (from carrying different weights on each shoulder). Also, the hand and grip on the reins (and often the bit) have to be adjusted or else strain is caused to both the horse’s neck and the rider’s back.

        However, the two-pommel design does allow for secure enough seating that riders can perform most equestrian challenges with moderate safety. Not my idea of safe though….

        Of course count it. It’s writing, after all.

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