Cantering carefully along

Trying not to lose my hat! Seriously, how am I doing?  Quite well, I think.  I feel as though I’ve gotten the horse over a few hurdles, and feel pretty confident about how things are progressing.

Today, I’m meeting with my colleagues to report on my progress on the article, which will force me to work feverishly. I’ve proven that I respond to accountability, and have cleared  more than two hours today to work on this goal.  Stay tuned for my report on how I did. 🙂 

As for my fiction goal, I decided to take on Kait’s challenge in the Sunday check-in to increase the word count.  I started writing ten sentences a day, and although it’s early in the race, I’m keeping up with it.  Part of the driving force behind this added productivity is my participation in WIPpet Wednesday. I recently added the goal of posting an excerpt every Wednesday, and so far, I’m succeeding.

I’m also continuing to ponder and plan the blogs. Even more exciting, I’m starting to find the themes and topics I want to write about. The exploration is helping me find my voice as well. Eden Mabee’s sponsor post engendered some deep contemplation, with some signposts for further discoveries. I’ve struggled with impostor syndrome most of my life, so that admonition to be who I am was scary and liberating in the same breath.

I hope everyone is clearing their fences with hats intact this Round.  Please drop by some of the ROW80 participants here. They are a diverse, interesting group.

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11 thoughts on “Cantering carefully along”

  1. Now I want to go horseback riding very, very badly. 🙂
    Glad to hear you’re clearing those hurdles.
    Of the three posts I’ve visited today, you are the third who is participating in WIP Wednesday. I just may have to reconsider doing so myself.
    Enjoy the rest of your week and keep on riding!

    1. Ha, Steph–and I am terrified of horses, but the analogy just hit a resonance with me. I’ve been lurking around WIPpet for several months now, so I figured, why not? It is making me write, if only to have something to show. The lovely thing is, I’m starting to write for myself as well. I hope you have a great rest of the week!

    1. So do I, Kristen. I didn’t quite meet my goal, but I got a lot more done than if I didn’t have to account for my time. The group got together for a debriefing this afternoon, and we all said that having to report made us work harder, so we are going to continue to meet.

  2. I just love your attitude Elizabeth! You have such determination girl. And Eden is quite the motivator. I look forward to hearing how well you’re doing with your new goal. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Karen. I always appreciate your encouraging comments. I didn’t quite make the goal I set on the article, but I got a lot more done than if I hadn’t set the goal. As for the fiction, I posted 23 sentences on my main blog for the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop. Now I just need to work out who I am–at my age, LOL!

  3. Regarding Eden as motivator – yup. Since we were 9, she’s been tugging and prodding and nudging and tickling me into things I probably would’ve hid from, otherwise – or worse, never even heard of from my cave! =)

    Regarding the progress – BRAVA! I can feel your sense of accomplishment and contentment, here.

    I’m not much of a one for hurdles that need to be jumped, but you can find me out cantering on a woodsy trail, sans hat…

    1. I can just see Eden doing that, Shan. And you’re right about my feelings–it is so nice to know that the fire wasn’t totally snuffed.

      As for the steeplechase, I’d be terrified in reality, but given how this last year has been, jumping hurdles was a good analogy.

      1. So many of the things I’m passionate about, she lured me into despite my resistance. I finally learned to trust that she had a good sense of what I like..

        Except for Babylon 5. I just don’t understand that one. =)

        I have been known to jump a downed log or two. I’ve also been known to fall off the horse, so there’s that. *sigh*.

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